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Thumbnails of linden hills pictures

A neighborhood in Southwest Minneapolis

Downtown Linden Hills
#49 Downtown Linden Hills
Allegro Apartments courtyard
#41 Allegro Apartments courtyard
Upton Avenue South near 44th Street
#221 Upton Avenue South near 44th Street
Chowen Avenue South
#191 Chowen Avenue South
Holiday Horse Ride
#183 Holiday Horse Ride
Southwest High School
#152 Southwest High School
45th Street and York Avenue South
#14 45th Street and York Avenue South
Linden Hills is a residential neighborhood in southwest Minneapolis. The name comes from the Linden tree and area's gentle hills. It was originally a popular suburb of a younger Minneapolis, made possible by the trolley route linking it with downtown.

It is bordered on the east by Lake Harriet, which along with Lake Calhoun and Lakewood Cemetery to the north reduce automobile through-traffic. There are also traffic calming measures on some streets. There is a picturesque business district at 43rd and Upton, and other shops along 44th Street.

Because I lived in Linden Hills myself, this is the area I have taken the most photos of (other than downtown Minneapolis)
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