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Mill City Coffee Shop Interior (#903)

Mill City Coffee Shop Interior
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picture date: 2000-08-07


This is the interior of the Mill City Coffee Shop. The counter is behind you. The front door is just out of frame to the right.


  • charleen   na -- 2002-01-21

    excellent looking coffee house! browsing different sites,am considering getting into the business. currently own a historic building,have toyed with the idea for some time. wonder about the "bottom line" though! any feedback? would sure appreciate it. thanks! and again, the interior of your coffee house is very much how i would envision mine. best wishes, charleen

  • sarah   uk -- 2002-11-27

    a very unique yet simple coffee shop. it seems like a perfect place to visit for a cup of coffee with family and friends on a cold winters day!
    keep up the good looks! (of the coffee shop i mean!)

  • Scott   Rochester, MN -- 2003-01-02

    I remember this coffee shope while going to school at the Minneapolis School of Massage and Bodywork, as it was in the same building. Now that the school has relocated, I wonder how this place is doing. The building was full of artist space, so hopefully it is still going well.

  • Ray   NorthEast Minneapolis Art District -- 2003-02-16

    Yeah! This is a great place! Good mocha! I know Tim, the boss man. And Linda Speelman of the Speelman Gallery works there too! She had her paintings up last month, But they are different now.
    For those whom are interested, this is just the begining. Behind this coffe shop is a world of magic, as in an entire city of artists living in the "Callifornia Building". The all seeing NEMAA office is right down the hall too.
    I highly recomend to everyone, GO TO THIS PLACE! Have some coffe and chat with an artist. Ask them if you can see there studio. You might just find some art for sale. This is in the new "ARTs District" by the way. Tell em Ray sent cha.

  • hannah and eva   wisfconsin -- 2004-05-19

    we love it, we justused it for a project for consumer economics. WE had to start up our own business and we chose a coffee shop and based on the picture of yours. thanks for the inspiration, we appreciate the grade. :)

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