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Sheridan Elementary School (#899)

Sheridan Elementary School
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picture date: 2000-08-07


You are on Broadway just east of University Avenue Northeast. This view is looking north at Sheridan Elementary School.



  • Robert Nelson   Columbia Heights MN -- 2001-11-08

    Sherdian bring back really good memories for me i went to this school from 1948 to 1958 so did both of my first grade teacher was Mrs Kelly. crackers and jelly. Nine grade home room teacher Mr Murphy Bow tie and shiney shoes. Every year just before halloweeen they allways had a school party.

  • Ka Xiong   North Minneapolis -- 2002-01-20

    Sheridan is terrific school. It brings back a lot of memories from my childhood. I attended Sheridan for nine years, starting with my Kindergarten years. I learned my basics there, it prepared me well for high school. I was popular at that school, I was well respected. My favorite teachers were Mr. Paul Kyllonen and Mrs. Karen Ruhs. Not only were they my favorite teachers, but they helped me a lot with a lot of other situations.

  • Cara Miller   Northeast Minneapolis -- 2002-01-24

    My daughter is blossoming at Sheridan. The school's emphasis on arts of all types was a strong selling point to my family when we choose our daughter's school. Learning the violin beginning in first grade, being creative in art classes and moving in dance classes have all helped my daughter with her basic skills of math and reading. The cultural diversity is an added bonus!

  • Derrius   Osseo -- 2002-10-22

    sheridan was an excellent school when I went there I didn't want to even leave ms. young's 3rd/4th grade 92-93 mix-class when it was time to pass I loved her class so much I just wanted to do something to have her class again BUT when I came back and seen her yelling at the younger ones I was like she needs all the time she has on her hands for keeping controll over them.
    I had K. ARNOLD for 5th grade, Ms. Czech for 6th, ms. beaton for 7th, and Ms. molliter for 8th. I loved working with SAM COSTA and CHRIS (the after school dance helper) on stage SAM (he) was always very serious about what we did behind the scenes BUt he almost never yelled. ( it was artistic BUT it looked like we jus' put something together) I had A very unforgetable time at sheridan I wish I could do it again.
    D. RILEY

  • kathy   -- 2004-08-24

    I remember when my 2 older sisters went to Jr. high at sheridan, back in the early 60's.

  • charles   indiana -- 2005-05-14

    attended jr. hi-school here, back when it was such. rode my bicycle from 19th & quincy st area, every day. sometimes walked, quite a distance by today's standards. walked to monroe st., then down monroe to 13th ave., up 13th ave to school. mr. erickson was band dir. i played trumpet. mr. murphy was sciene teacher. both well known teacher's among us old timer's. can u relate to any of this. early-mid sixty's!!!! way before even thought of present day use of sch (elem).

  • John McDonald   Greenville Pa. -- 2009-09-15

    I lived across the street from Sheridan (302 Broadway) and attended Sheridan from Kindegarden to 9th, 1946 to 1956. Miss Woodword was my 1st teacher and after she married, her name changed to Mrs Kelly. Other teachers were Miss Young, Miss Dreeson, Miss Heap, Mr. Banister, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Boylan, Joe Papatola, Mr.Wenzel, Mr. Morgan, Mr. Zimdars, Mr Nave, miss Osterberg, Mr. Kahout, Mr. Thill, Miss Northey(sp) and others. I and packing now for 50th class reunion at Edison (1959) to be held at Edison on Sept 17-19

  • bob   -- 2009-10-30

    attended sheridan 65-68, mr erickson band teacher, mr murphy science, john boylan gym, both my mother and father also attended, father was in first sheridan band, instruments donated by dr charles drew

  • Laurie (Holmgren) Sager   17020 3rd street NE Ham Lake MN -- 2010-01-04

    Lots of good times!

  • Rhonda LeCuyer   Crystal, MN -- 2010-01-05

    My most fond memories are of Sheridan. I attended in the late 60's and Mrs. Farrell was my gym teacher. She was also my mother's gym teacher in the 40's. I can still see her beautiful blue hair. Oh how I loved her and the school!

  • theresa t.   -- 2010-03-08

    Ha ha,I Mr Matlon; he had that foot long index finger, & was always shaking, wiggling, or waving it in someones face, making a strip of greased hair slip out of place. ha ha I can still invision it. ahh yes.. lining up to go to the lavatory,& making fun of him as we followed behind single file, to the cafeteria. Yes he was a treat.

  • therese t.   -- 2010-03-08

    that was early 70's

  • John Zellie   Newport Beach, California -- 2014-07-21

    I attended Sheridan in 1955, 1956, and 1957 then we moved to Stinson Blvd, and I went to Pillsbury grade school.

  • John Zellie   Newport Beach, California -- 2014-07-21

    I also lived right across the street on 4th street, the duplex that I lived in, I believe is now owned by my cousin

  • Sharon Griffin( Riley   -- 2016-06-07

    My name now is Sharon Griffin. Was Riley when went to school . Farrell wa my Gym teacher as well . hate taking showers ..But she make sure we did . so some of us would wet are hair a little . and . Farrell . never said nothing . It was actually funny.. hated dancing with some of the boys , but Farrell made us to this..But we had fun .. lot of memories back then..

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