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Old Marshall University (#89)

Old Marshall University
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This building is used as a business incubator called the Dinkytown Technical Center. It's home to the American Society for Classical Realism, and many others. When I was in 6th grade, it was a public school for 6th through 12th graders(an unusual mix), named "Marshall U". My brother went for a year, and I visited him there.

I've run into older people who went there before my time. I'm glad the building is still being used. You can recognize it's history as a public school by the design of it's restrooms and stairwells.



  • Dinzee   Lexington, KY -- 2002-02-06

    This was directly across the street from the first room I ever had at the U in 1959. I had forgotten that it was there.

  • Jerry Von Korff   St. Cloud -- 2002-12-07

    Marshall High School became Marshall-U with the merger of the University's U-High and the Minneapolis public high school. For most of its life, it was just Marshall High. The school was a magnet school for disabled students from the region, who were to some extent mainstreamed. Many of them were top-athletes, especially on the school's regional championship gymnastics team.

  • Steven Moe   Oklahoma City, OK -- 2003-02-09

    My grandparents lived directly across the street from Marshall where my grandmother ran a boarding house. I learned to ride my bike in the parking lot of the school. Wonderful memories of my youth.

  • Sande Cornelius   St Cloud Mn -- 2003-02-09

    I attended Marshall High School from 7th through 12th grade, graduating in 1964,the then largest class to graduate. We totalled a whole 169! I lived in that girl's rooming house Steve Moe commented on. At the time it was an exciting area and time to live there.

  • Marie Leight/Platt   Orlando, Florida -- 2003-02-14

    I have the Marshall alumni site that you have linked to. I am SO happy to see this page. I'm from the class of '54', and have many fond memories of the school, and mostly the people. AHHH...the days of our youth...don't you wish you could go back? are all invited to be put on the Marshall High School Alumni page. The more the merrier.

  • Barb   Fridley -- 2003-09-14

    does anyone remember the "flag" Cafe?Drinking Coke and dancing to the Juke Box?

  • L. Ross Benton   Beloit, WI -- 2003-09-19

    I was a student at John Marshall High School for two years, graduating with the class of 1949. I also attended Tuttle Grade school for four years, kindergarten through third grade. In between, I lived in Wayzata and attended school there. In Minneapolis, I lived at 1078 16th Ave. S.E.

  • Phil Hamlett   N.E. Minneapolis -- 2003-09-28

    I went to Marshall for 1960 to 1963.It was one of the best times of my life. I remember the House of Hanson & The Bridge Cafe, And all the fun we had in school activities, And of cource all the good looking Girls!!!

  • Cari Barker (Yamry)   Little Falls Mn -- 2003-11-20

    I also went to Marshall High for 7th and 8th grades....does anyone remember the Vally Pizza? or Mama D's???? Or that great bakery???

  • Becky Stannard   Thorverton, Devon, England -- 2004-01-08

    I think we kept Fanny Farmer on the corner of 4th and 14th Ave. S.E. in business. White chocolate almond bark, yum! I also remember lime cokes at House of Hansen and playing clarinet in the marching band --- those itchy wool uniforms.

  • John Unger   Nokomis, Florida -- 2004-10-13

    I remember playing sports, classes and hanging out in dinkytown. It was a good time. I was there in the 70s. I teach high school students now (ESOL, English for Speakers of Other Languages) Many things are different, but as the saying goes, "The more things change the more they stay the same."

  • Amandilo Cousin   Chicago -- 2005-03-30

    I attended Marshall 1972-1975. It was a great experience that helped shaped much of my future work and career. I still remember L. Peter Bast, the media coordinator who allowed me to work in the closed circuit television studio in the school. I have been in television related work ever since. He was a great mentor.

  • Richard Fredrickson   -- 2005-05-03

    The view of Marshall High was a joy to see again! I remember well Dinkytown and the whole area. I lived up in Prospect Park and walked to school. As a member of the class of 1950 I remember so many really great classmates. I have often wondered how those classmates are and what they did these last 54 years!

  • Kay Ward Johnson   Virginia Beach, Virginia -- 2005-05-06

    I also love this site. I graduated from Marshall H.S. in 1962. S.E. Mpls. was a great place to grow up..Friday night at school for teen town and dancing..Bridge cafe after school and vanilla cokes. pizza at Vescios and remember the "Corner boys" who hung around the House of Hanson??One of them is my brother, Gary...and Duncan,Tork. I'm glad they didn't tear down Marshall. Kay

  • Judy Fetter   Ashland, OR -- 2005-05-09

    I graduated from Marshall in 1944. I lived on 10th Ave southeast. I remember double decker ice cream cones for 5 cents at what is now Dinky-Town. I loved to ice skate at Van Cleve Park.

  • Marian Sturdevant   Sun City West, AZ -- 2005-05-09

    I graduated from Marshall in 1944. I lived on 15th Ave and 5th St. I remember playing tennis at Van Cleve Park. I played drums in the band at all the basketball and football games. We had championship basketball teams in the 40's.

  • Catherine Davey   Orlando, FL -- 2005-06-10

    My mom, Barbara Keay (then), graduated from John Marshall High and after hearing that it was no longer a high school my siblings and I used to tease her "sure it existed." She and her sisters, Joyce and Carole, lived in Prospect Park and went to Sydney Pratt Elementary. Would love to hear from anyone who knew my mom during those days.

  • Ethleen "Sandi" Sandell Belisle   Eau Claire WI -- 2005-07-16

    I graduated with the last January class in 1948.We would order a platter of fries for fifteen cents or a quarter and drink 7 UP at the Bridge Cafe. Marshall was a wonderful school. I became a teacher.

  • Lynda Honts Lynch   Jefferson, GA -- 2005-08-11

    I graduated with the first Nursing class at Marshall (1960-1962).

  • Jim Ferraro   New Brighton, Mn -- 2005-08-12

    I just came across this web site and was really happy to see it. I graduated in 1949 and my wife (Betty Mastrian) graduated in 1951. We take a ride past the old school every once in awhile and all kinds of memories go thur our heads. I can still play some of the old songs on the accordion for those memories, too.


    1963--1969..."69 WAS THE YEAR THEY

  • Mark Maetzold   Saint Cloud MN -- 2005-12-16

    1980. I belive school closed in 1981 or 1982. Peik Hall traversing for PE, swimming practice at NE Jr High, and Softball at both the field adjacent to school, and also at the Triangle Field. Van Cleeve Park Ice Rink. 7th through 12th.

  • Carlos Eduarte   Minneapolis -- 2006-03-15

    I went to Marshall-U from 1975 to 1978. I then went on to the U of M from there. I have fond memories of hanging out around Dinkytown during breaks. The first year I was there, Marshall-U won the state championsip in boys basketball, led by Ronnie Henderson. It was a pretty amazing time.

  • Bob Yu   1814 Spaight St Madison, Wi 53704 -- 2006-04-21

    "Wave the Flag for dear old Marshall" Some guys from the football teams still get together for meals. All are welcome! Drop me a line.

  • Paul Skinner   Tempe, Az -- 2006-06-30

    I graduated class of 76 and played on the hockey team and was in Project A.W.A.R.E. It was a way different era then, wasn't it?

  • Ravi Shankar   Bangalore,India -- 2006-07-10

    It was wonderful getting a glimpse of the Marshall High School where I studied for a year in the 9th grade, in the year 1967-1968. The building looks just like it used to be. However, in the peak winter, there used to be a lot of snow and I literally had to wade through the snow to reach school on time, else it was Tardy!!
    I wonder if it is still run as a school? Anyone has any idea about the following teachers who were my teachers then:
    Barbara Gunderson - used to teach French
    Mrs. Hanson - math

  • Greg Sisson   Boston, MA -- 2006-07-17

    I went to Marshall from 1980-82, the year it closed. Some of the best times; hanging out in Dinkytown, House of Hanson, and Donkey Kong at the sub shop across the street. What a great school. 6th-12th grade, I was in the Open School program and learned more in 2 years there than the rest of high school combined!

  • Rev. James R. Harkins   North Adams, MA 01247 -- 2006-08-17

    I graduated from Marshal H.S. in the Class of January 1945, was invited to our 50th anniversary alumni meeting but was living in Europe and could not attend.

  • Mara Robezgruntnieks-Niels   Pleasanton CA -- 2006-10-15

    I was in the MHS '62 class. We could take U of M classes if we wanted; I took German. I remember that every one of my pals in senior year got almost perfect SAT scores, and we didn't know or care what it was all about, never studied for it or worried about it, and that Marshall was not even considered that terrific academically. There's never again been a pizza as delicious as Vescio's special: sausage, green pepper, and onion pizza, served as rectangles dripping with cheese. Ice cream cones from Bridgeman's were hard on the outside, soft on the inside, if you ate them in 20 below weather, as we did. My friend JN got fired from Bridgeman's for giving out too-big cones.

  • Steve Newby   Dayton Ohio -- 2006-10-24

    Boy does this bring back memories. 1976 class a state champs.

  • Terri (Shea) Carroll   S E Minneapolis, again -- 2006-11-10

    Great to find this site. I live 4 blocks away from where I grew up. It's still a great place to be.

  • Martha K. Preus   Berlin, Germany -- 2006-11-10

    Fun to find this site. Graduated in class of 1970 - still enjoy getting back to Mpls and seeing the school and neighborhood. Most of us spent 6 years together, so I still remember most of the folks in my class though it's been over 30 years. Only one reunion that I know of.

  • Terrri Carroll   S E -- 2006-11-10

    Hi Martha

  • Tammy Sexton-Murphy (Hess)   Gold Coast Australia -- 2006-11-16

    I graduated in 1977 from MU. This is really great to see this picture. Alot of really great memories. State high school basketball chammps- it truly was awesome. What a ride. I was on the Poms dance line- going to school at MU was really a great experience.

  • Ed Galbraith -- 2007-03-04

    Fun to read other's comments. It was a memorable time in our lives and it sounds like we had much the same kind of thoughts in school. A bit uncertain, mostly good and comfortable to look back on. Hello to all.

  • Charles Rice   mpls -- 2007-05-14

    I went to Marshall-U from 1979 to 1982, and boy did we have a lot of fun. I would have graduated in 1984 from Marshall but it closed in 1982 bha hum bug........

  • Sita Lang   Turners Falls, Ma. -- 2007-12-10

    Wow, Marshall U High. I went to 7th grade only and flunked out for truancy. I remember that great bakery, Valley Pizza (where my mom waitressed), House of Hanson, Bridgeman's, and all the rest. I was transfered over to the Southeast Alternative Free School after failing at Marshall, and I graduated from SEA in 1976. I was also involved in the Red Barn "occupation," on a very primal level. Yes, those were the good old days.

  • jerry williams   minneapolis -- 2008-01-01

    Wow great to see this site. I went there from 1977-1979 what a great time.

  • Carmen (Rosario) Wilson   Fort Lauderdale, FL -- 2008-02-03

    This is such a great memory. I loved the years there 1977-79. Thanks for this great pic

  • Christina Kennedy (Mortensen)   DeLand, Florida -- 2008-03-03

    I started at Marshall in 6th grade 1977. I spent 5 great years there before I moved to Florida. It was nice to find this site.

  • Karen Baker   Bolivar, Ohio -- 2008-03-22

    The school looks just like it did when I was a grad student at U of M during the 70's. I used to cut through the tennis courts and ball field to get to and from my rooming house on 11th Ave.
    Does anyone remember the name of the little grocery store cater-cornered from Marshall U on 5th St? I used to shop there because the prices were cheaper than the House of Hanson. Can't remember its name now.

  • Roger Cummings   minneapolis -- 2008-03-30

    I went there for 7th grade the last year it was open. I remember rocky rococos pizza ,house of hanson, reaganomics was begining. i was one of the only underclassmen to get a yearbook that year and lost it in folwell the next year..

  • Robert cARLSON   Brooklyn Center Mn. -- 2008-04-14

    graduated in 1951 and just happened on this site by accident.was really nice to see the old school again after all those years,I have one real nice memory of Huber H Humphry. buying me an ice cream cone at house of hansons.I remember going to daytons after school to what was called the tent for cokes and fries

  • Laurie (Hanson) Bauer   Columbia Heights, MN -- 2008-04-24

    It is fun to hear comments from all the Marshall and M-U grads. I graduated in 1975 my sister Judy in '76 and previously brother Terry in '62 and Blair in '68.
    To answer a question Miss Leona Hanson (no relation) I believe passed away. Miss Gunderson retired from teaching about 25 years ago and Married is now Mrs Johnson and has two children living in Fridley MN at last I knew. I purchased The House of Hanson in 1997 and am on the corner of 14th and 5th nearly every day. I see folks from the school on a frequent basis as they stop by. Occassionally they still want an Ice Cream Cone. The face of Dinkytown has changed but our motto stays the same attempting to keep our businesses small and not heeding to the larger chain stores. The unique part of Dinkytown is that the students stay pretty much the same age the faces change and I get older!!!
    We now have 33 restaurants all with great food come check us out again. Vescios is still there. Meyers was the name of the other grocery store someone mentioned.
    Any other history questions I may be able to answer since I only made it across the street the history of our life is kept fresh!!
    My husband was the captian of the Gopher Baseball team we have 4 children two are done at the U of M and the other two are still in college. This was fun.

  • Judy (Hanson) Boyd   Aspen, Colorado -- 2008-05-21

    Do come back to Dinkytown if you now live out of the area. Gordon's Bakery was the stop on our walk to Piek Hall. Long gone but so many new options! Stop in The House of Hanson and say hi to my sister Laurie, she keeps the family tradition going.

  • John Amussen   Los Angeles, CA -- 2008-08-15

    Wow - what a great flashback. I graduated in 1977 (it's nice to see a few of my classmates in this thread) and went east, then west. I was fortunate enough to live just 6 blocks away, and I remember not only House of Hanson, but Perry's Pizza and (my employer) Bridgemans. Also the gag issue of the Kaleidoscope which suggested the school was to be turned into a state prison, which still seems strangely possible.

  • Patrick Lewis   Minneapolis, MN -- 2008-09-12

    I do remember The Valli Restaurant. I worked there as a waiter for about 4 years. At that time ( 1980 - 1983 ), there was a restaurant on the upper two floors and a bar in the basement. I walked by the Marshall University building on the way to work and back home. This picture brings back many memories. Mama D's was across the street and around the corner. There was a bar upstairs from Mama D's. I think it was called Sammy D's. Mama D was wonderful. She remembered or at least recognized nearly everyone who came to her restaurant. Even when she moved to a location off Snelling, and when my wife and I went there several years later, Mama D recognized us. BTW. I met my wife at the Valli Restaurant, when she came to work there.

  • Debra (Ferguson) Johnson   Faribault, Minnesota -- 2008-09-24

    Nice to see the old school. I attended Marshal up until I was in the 10th grade afterwhich I moved out east to live with my father and graduated high school there. I still keep in touch with my then best friend Lynda Byrd. Nice to see some names that at least sound familiar! I wish everyone well and stay in touch. Feel free to email me if you remember me!

  • Dale Lien   Appleton, MN -- 2008-10-24

    Somebody in an earlier message wondered what the name of the other grocery store was close to the school (not the House of Hanson). I remember there was a Meyer Grocery that, I believe was next to the Burger King. I lived in the Chateau on 13th Ave. SE and went to the U of M in the late 70's. I also remember Perry's Pizza in the building where I lived and Jersey Joe's Sub Shop across the street from Marshall U. Good times.

  • Karen Baker   Bolivar, Ohio -- 2008-11-02

    Thank you, Laurie and Dale. Meyer's does ring a bell for the "other" little grocery in Dinkytown near the school.
    Now, another question. Does anyone remember Crane's Stationery store, and where it was located?

  • Midori   Boston -- 2008-12-17

    I am pretty sure my dad would have been in the graduating class of 1965 and I was trying to find out if anybody had any photographs of him from those days since he doesn't have any. His name is William James Gleason, he was really into gymnastics. Thanks!

  • Jean Hart   -- 2009-05-07

    I went to Marshall 1965, 1966. What fun I had. I remember we would go to EMRA? on Thursdays to dance, shoot hoops, hangout. Does anyone know what EMRA stands for? I have to find out....It's been a while.
    Thanks, jean

  • Alice   Denver -- 2009-05-09

    Would love to know if the Marshall High School/University High School is going to have a reunion for the class of 1969. I moved after 8th grade, but went to grade school with many of the kids who went on to Marshall--Sidney Pratt Elementary. I live in Denver now, but have some fond memories of Marshall. Kari Hanson, Raya Meltzer, are you out there? Alice Pearce

  • Alice   Denver -- 2009-05-09

    Would love to know if the Marshall High School/University High School is going to have a reunion for the class of 1969. I moved after 8th grade, but went to grade school with many of the kids who went on to Marshall--Sidney Pratt Elementary. I live in Denver now, but have some fond memories of Marshall. Kari Hanson, Raya Meltzer, are you out there? Alice Pearce

  • Chuck Johnson   Cinnaminson New Jersey -- 2009-05-15

    Attended 9th grade 54-55....I was one of those "Bus Kids" from Spring Lake Park....What a great memories...House of Hanson, Bridgeman's, Grey Drug.....Teen Town .learned to dance there...Those Marshall girls were really cute and very nice...Following year we got our own High school and had to leave Marshall disappointed, but I ended up having a good athletic/school experience at SLP....I'll never forget MHS.

  • Nancy Officer (Thomas)   Minnetrista, MN -- 2009-05-21

    How nostalgic to see Marshall-U. I am a graduate of 1970. Those were some days....Being located in the heart of dinkeytown near the U of M gave us students a real education. I still keep in contact with 2 of my best friends - Barb Nelson and Kathy Grice. I remember getting .35 cents for lunch money and everyday for lunch I'd go to Gordon's Bakery and get a lemon bismark and glazed donut - otherwise I'd spend my .35 cents on cigarettes. Then I'd spend my first hour history class up at the Bridge cafe smoking my cigarettes -It's no wonder I got a D in history. (Sorry Mr. Baker.) I hope we have a 40 year reunion next year! It'd be great fun to see old classmates.

  • Lonnie A Anderson   Shoreview, MN -- 2009-08-14

    I started out at Marshall-U in 7th Grade left after 2 years but Returned to Close the School in 1982, then went on to Graduate from South High in 1983. M-U was the epitomy of all mpls schools, you had all different races and everyone got along no matter the skin color, the only color there was in that school was Red, White and Blue (School Colors) and also the 1976 State Basketball Championship and Ed Prohofsky.

  • Patrick Taylor   Goodyear, AZ -- 2009-09-21

    My sister Nancy Officer told me about this site. Dinkytown was a great place to hang out. I think every night from 7th grade through 12th grade my friends(Larry Delander, Jerry Anderson, and the rest of the gang) would head out for Dinkytown. We had some great times, and got in a lot of trouble.

  • Barb (Nelson) Dunn   Woodbury - MN -- 2009-10-28

    What fun to see the picture and comments of fellow classmates. I graduated in 1970. Fellow classmate Nancy (Thomas) Officer and I are still best friends and sometimes we make a trip to Dinkytown and talk about the good old days. I remember my first job at Gordon's, selling flowers on the street corners for Gopher games to make money for the pom pom squad, and trips to the Bridge. I was fortunate to have many friends having known some of them since kindergarten.

  • Ann Godfrey Holmes   Steamboat Springs, CO -- 2009-11-11

    I attended Marshall H.S. from 1958 thru 1964 when I graduated, but my family lived across 5th Street from the front door from 1923 until 1970 so this building was the backdrop for many family photos. It was originally John Marshall H.S. and only for it's last few years called Marshall-University H.S. when University H.S. which was on the UofM campus was combined into this building in about 1968 or so. It would be nice if the title on this website could be corrected to refer to this as "Marshall H.S." because that is what is on the cornerstone--I should know I hit enough tennis balls against that wall for a number of years!

  • Casey Corbett   Forest Lake Mn -- 2009-11-26

    I started at Marshall in '67, the last year before the merger, graduated in '73. My parents, Aunts and Uncles and many neighbors and friends also graduated from Marshall. My dad, John Corbett graduated in '49 and My mom, Betty Jelinek in "48. I had an interesting conversation with a member of the committee that voted to merge the two schools. He said it was a very difficult decision but the only one that allowed the school to remain open. He had life long friends that did not talk to him for 15-20 years after that. He was a graduate of and parent of Marshall High school students. I wish I had that perspective in 1968.

  • Les Twedell   Riverside, CA -- 2010-03-01

    Regarding Laurie (Hanson) Bauer's comment, Miss Leona D. J. Hansen is still very much alive. She lives in Madison, WI, and is now 92 years old.

  • Frances Rabe (Reich)   Inver Grove Heights, MN -- 2010-03-04

    Les Twedell:
    I was surprised and pleased to see your post here. I enjoyed your math class, along with Mr. Wallace's. Tony Ruff and I competed to see who could do better. I think I may have seen a glimpse of you in San Diego (over 10 years ago). I was on Harbor Island and I thought I saw a glimpse of you, although I did not go up to you to verify your identity. Could that have been you? In any case, I enjoyed your class, along with only my gym, chemistry and other math classes.

  • Denny Young   Isanti, Minnesota -- 2010-04-07

    Don "Tucky" Miller forwarded this site to me, and I enjoyed reading all the comments from our follow classmates. I graduated in 54 and lived on 17th and 4th street, where my folks had two rooming houses-now a UofM parking lot. My favorites memories of Marshall was playing with our dance band, The Sea Notes. We kept that band together through all four years at the U. Great time for sure! dy

  • Ron Stewart   St. Joseph, MN -- 2010-05-12

    Jean Hart, the answer to your question, I believe, is: East Minneapolis Recreation Association. I attended reunions of 40 and 45 years and what a blast. I grew up southeast, attended Tuttle and graduated from MHS in 64.

  • Nancy (Nelson) McIntosh   Minneapolis -- 2010-06-16

    Great old photo. The building still looks about the same.....
    I attended MUHS 1974-76 and graduated in '76. I didn't live SE so commuted to school: loved the open campus, open curriculum. We were State Basketball champs in 1976--so fun.
    Be sure to check out MUHS on Facebook for the all school reunion August 28, 2010.

  • Debbie Shivers ( von Riedel)   Stillwater,MN -- 2010-07-22

    It was the best of times! ( except algebra with Mrs. Hanson..) Dan Tetzlaff for music! Remember Mr. Bulfor? Tennis, swimming, GAA. Bet I could still beat you Candy! lol. Look forward to the Reunion in August.

  • barbara tuenge   1960 -- 2010-08-10

    Does anyone other than myself and John Dietrich remember the Flag Cafe..where dancing and drinking coke was the thing to do? Can't forget carving Paul Molumby's initials in the booth....all good memories now...

  • Morgan Foster   Minneapolis, MN -- 2010-09-12

    My mom, Alexandra ''Sandy'' Balaban went to Marshall. I am not sure what years, but she would have been graduating class of '75 or '76. My step dad was President/Property Manager of the building after the highschool closed, which became Unitversity Technology Center (UTech), from 1987-1998. So growing up, I used to roam those halls everyday, and Dinkytown. If anyone knows my mom, please feel free to contact me!

  • Ed Galbraith   Minneapolis -- 2010-11-01

    Those were special days for us all. Excitement, uncertainty, uncontrolled laughter, worries...all mixed together. For me it was school stuff, football and dances with the love of my life, L.. Intensely romantic and innocent...what could be greater? I'd have a heart attack if I had to do it again.

  • Judy Westhoff Fischer   St Cloud, MN -- 2011-02-27

    I graduated from John Marshall in 1962 and have good memories of Dinkytown. It was a unique experience going there because the students and the entire included such a mixture of people. I remember that we were the smallest high school in Mpls and the only one equipped to handled students w/disabilities. I remember Terry Hanson, who was in our class, of House of Hanson on the corner.

  • brian campbell   701 unuversity ave se -- 2012-04-14

    Went to the U of m 77-81. Was a caretaker at a campus apt at 7th and univ. Block away from Ralph @ Jerry's @ Positively 4TH St. Records. Used to breakfast at Al's Breakfast in Dinkytown. A guy named Joel Weintrub(sp?)opened up Jersey Joe's Sub Shop in a little bldg rt across the st from old Marshall Univ. Back when legal age was 18 which made Dinkytown THE happen'n place w/all its bars,eats @ Marshall U. The line went on 4 blocks at the opening of Animal House at the Varsity Theatre. Man! those were the days...

  • brian campbell   701 unuversity ave se -- 2012-04-14

    Went to the U of m 77-81. Was a caretaker at a campus apt at 7th and univ. Block away from Ralph @ Jerry's @ Positively 4TH St. Records. Used to breakfast at Al's Breakfast in Dinkytown. A guy named Joel Weintrub(sp?)opened up Jersey Joe's Sub Shop in a little bldg rt across the st from old Marshall Univ. Back when legal age was 18 which made Dinkytown THE happen'n place w/all its bars,eats @ Marshall U. The line went on 4 blocks at the opening of Animal House at the Varsity Theatre. Man! those were the days...

  • Cari (Yamry) Barker   -- 2012-09-07

    Does anyone remember Steve Yamry? He would have graduated in 77...anyway we are looking for class mates of his...he has been diagnosed with Liver/Lung cancer,,,we are having a Benefit for him On Oct 27th VFW post 4847 at 104 Franklin Ave NE in St Cloud hope to see some of you there...

  • Ken Winthers   South Dakota -- 2012-09-27

    I would have graduated "78" but only went to school there in 7th Grade, 72-73?(we moved to South Dakota). The picture really took me back. Baseball for SEAS, living by Luxton Park, sneaking in to UofM basketball and football games. HA. Best Wishes Ken

  • Ken Winthers   South Dakota -- 2012-09-27

    Didn't leave e-mail last time.

  • mary odden   northern mn -- 2012-10-18

    hey,I heard that our school is being demolished or has it already? Its been a very long time since I was around there!(1968!)

  • mary odden   northern mn -- 2012-10-31

    hello again, I went to look for myself and it is going down, closing nov 30 and new building up by 2014.

  • Kathy Kusnier Green   Minneapolis -- 2012-11-24

    Hi Mary...Joyce and Tom Briden and I toured Marshall last week. So many great memories. The building closes on November 30th. Hope you are well.

  • Melissa Hamilton   -- 2012-12-07

    My older sister, my older brother, myself and my younger brother all went to Marshall U. I have such fond memories of my 5 years. I graduated in 1981. I drive by the school often and show our kids where "mom" went to school, the McDonalds, Dinkydale, Peik gym, etc. etc. etc. Wonderful school, genuine teachers and lifelong memories.
    Thank you Marshall U!

  • Melissa Hamilton   -- 2012-12-07

    ...and of course, House of Hanson!!

  • Steve Ann Myers   Minneapolis -- 2013-02-22

    I graduated Marshall in 1962 so imagine what joy it was to find this site accidentally and recognize many of my old classmates. Of course I remember Vescio's and still dine there to this day. Now does anyone remember Valli Pizza, McCosh's Books and the Ten O'Clock Scholar coffee house? How about the Bridge Cafe and Grey's drug store? And Mama D's restaurant across from the Varsity theatre. My how Dinky Town has changed!!

  • Rick Krenske   South St Paul, Minnesota -- 2013-04-16

    April 16, 2013. I went by the old school today and all that's left is the smoke stack. That will be gone soon too. I attended Marshall from 1960 to 1963. I was called a 'pusher' because I pushed a crippled student in his wheelchair to and from his classes. I got a dollar a week for my help, which I would spend at the House Of Hanson, but they may not have long to last either.

  • Les Twedell   Riverside, CA -- 2014-03-25

    Leona D.J. Hansen, retired M-U H S
    math teacher, passed away at the age of 96 on Saturday, 3-22-2014. She had been a resident of Madison, WI, in recent years. A memorial and interment will be take place in Duluth, MN.

  • Les Twedell   Riverside, CA -- 2014-03-25

    Ms. Hansen's memorial will take place at Bethel Lutheran Church in
    Madison, WI. Interment will be in
    Duluth, MN. Cress Funeral Home in
    Madison is handling arrangements.
    Sorry for the mistake.

  • Les Twedell   Riverside, CA -- 2014-03-25

    The interment will be handled by
    Sunrise Funeral Home in Duluth.

  • Kay Ward Johnson   Va Beach, Virginia -- 2015-01-10

    To Jean Hart. EMRA was East Minneapolis Recreation Association

  • J Paulos   Virginia -- 2015-03-06

    My father attended Marshall-U (class of 1944). Sorry it's gone.

  • Ira M. Hendon   Lindenhurst, IL -- 2015-05-28

    I should have mentioned, Marshall-U (Class of 1972).

  • Ira M. Hendon   Lindenhurst, IL -- 2015-05-28

    Photo reminds me of doing the President's Physical Fitness run around the building...again, and again, and again...uggg...good thing Hansen's was across the street where you could get a half gallon of orange drink for $0.35...those were the days! :)

  • Ray Ecklund   Crookston MN -- 2015-09-16

    I graduated in 1952 and recently traveled through Dinky Town and was saddened to see a large apartment building where our great school once stood. Seeing all the posts brought back great memories, EMRA the sports I played, and all the great classmates, Jim Leone was my best friend all through high school, sadly he passed away far to early.Enjoy your memories.

  • Brian Rank   North Oaks, MN -- 2017-09-14

    Just ran into this website. Brings back many memories!

  • Victor L. Yu   Sunnyvale, CA -- 2017-11-12

    I graduated in 1961 and attended Marcy Elementary School, Carleton College, and U Minn Med School. My highlights were being Editor of the Judge newspaper and Cardinal yearbook, and scoring the last 3 points against Washburn HS to preserve our basketball victory in 1960. I now live in Sunnyvale, CA.

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