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4th Street Southeast (#866)

4th Street Southeast
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picture date: 2000-07-26


You are looking south at 4th Street Southeast between 13th and 14th Avenue. The Dinkydale Mall is at center frame. The former Grey's Drug is on the left, being renovated for the Loring Pasta Bar. The Purple Onion coffee shop is in the white building on the far left.



  • Dinzee   Lexington, KY -- 2002-03-15

    To the left of the Purple Onion used to be the used academic book store of Melvin McCosh, the BEST of the best in Minneapolis back in the early 1960s... he moved out to a suburb at some later date, and I don't even see a building there at all any more.... how times change.... It was at McCosh's that I bought "Odi et Amo" by U of M Classics Professor Roy Arthur Swanson... who taught a PoliSci course for Mulfred Sibley one term, and was extremely good.....

  • Barrett R. Brodersen   MN -- 2004-12-03

    I recently toured Mr. Melvin McCosh's former suburban lake home, he is known to be very ill and living with his daughter.
    His home was a 42 room mansion,each room filled with books floor to ceiling, once used as a retirement community for the elderly, before social securitie's use. Melvin bought it and lived there for many, many, years.
    It is scheduled to be raised anyday now. As U of M alumni, I know the community will miss Mr. McCosh.

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