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15th Avenue and 4th Street Southeast (#857)

15th Avenue and 4th Street Southeast
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picture date: 2000-07-26


You are looking south down 15th Avenue SE from 4th Street to University Avenue. The Dinkydome building is at center frame.



  • BW   No Cal -- 2001-02-18

    what BEST STEAK HOUSE is now a Starbucks???? franchising of America!!!!


    For years this (Starbucks) was the 'Bridge Cafe'. Pretty much a standard cafe for the era, had the individual juke box speaker/song selector on each table. I beleive the 'Best Steakhouse' was in another area near the 'Campus Theater' further east on University Ave.

  • Kelly M   St. Paul, MN -- 2003-05-22

    The Best Steakhouse was where Starbucks is now. I remember it because it was very likely the worst steak that I've ever had.

  • Andrew   Lauderdale, MN -- 2006-01-12

    There is still a place called 'Best Steak House' on University close to Snelling in St. Paul, not sure if it's what you're thinking of.

  • Clare   Minneapolis -- 2007-11-08

    Well, that Starbucks is now a Caribou Coffee. Still a franchise, but it's definitely an improvement in my eyes- at least it's a Minnesota-based franchise?

  • Kristen   San Diego -- 2016-01-17

    Trying to orient myself. Is the Starbucks corner Bridgeman's? It doesn't look like it but perhaps. The new building across the street from "Starbucks" - what was there before?

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