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Dinkydome Interior (#856)

Dinkydome Interior
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picture date: 2000-07-26


This is the atrium of the Dinkydome building at University Ave and 15th Avenue SE in Dinkytown. The restaurants are only open for lunch, and so are closing in this picture. It's crowded here around noon. "Falafel King", "The Big 10", and "Espresso 22" are located here, among others.



  • BW   No Cal -- 2001-02-18

    has the original "Big Ten" on Washington Ave SE moved?? or is this just a second version???
    also I rmeember a video game place in here in the early 1980s

  • Chris Gregerson   Linden Hills, Minneapolis -- 2001-02-18

    This "Big 10" is a satelite store. The original is still in Stadium Village, the last I checked.
    Yes, there was an arcade here in the early 1980s, called the "Silver Ball".

  • Kent   Milwaukee -- 2002-12-02

    The Big 10 is still in its original locale. We were in Minneapolis for a few days this summer- and I drove halfway across town to pick up subs for me and the kids... they STILL make the best darned subs on the planet. And yes, they still slowly bake them in those ovens.

  • Stephanie   Minneapolis -- 2003-11-24

    Where "Falafel King" is shown in this picture, there is now an Italian pizza place called, "Mangia". But this shop changes so frequently that within six months it is likely to be something else!

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