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The Dinkydome on University Avenue SE (#855)

The Dinkydome on University Avenue SE
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picture date: 2000-07-26


You are standing on University Avenue at 15th Avenue looking northeast at the "Dinkydome" building, a local landmark which has restaurants in it's central atrium. It is named for the glass dome on top, which is visible a the top of this picture.



  • BW   No Cal -- 2001-02-18

    I see "fowl play" is gone...(the yellow/green" awning and the B Dalton is now an independent bookstore

  • Jordan   Chicago -- 2001-08-21

    Fowl Play moved to bigger quarters next to Dreamhaven around 1991. They went out of business in 1997, as I recall and were replaced by an almost identical bar/restaurant called "The Library."

  • irene   Coon Rapids -- 2002-10-22

    I remember back in the 60's when this building housed a Bible College.

  • Tammy   Minneapolis -- 2003-10-19

    Fowl play moved to 1301 4th St SE in 1991. The business was sold in 1997, but the name Fowl Play continued to be used until 1999.

  • Robert Damon   Apple Valley, MN -- 2006-09-30

    This was originally the home of Minnesota Bible College, now Crossroads College relocated to Rochester, MN. Build in 1913, the college owned half the block but sold the building in 1972 to the Scallens, who still own the building and office from their. There were dorm buildings located nextdoor along 15th, but have since been torn down. The building has been carefully cared for and retains much of the original fixtures, including three Tiffany lights in the center dome area and the two entrances. Original woodwork throughout, and the architectural details abound - this is an incredible building that should remain standing for another 100 years. Note: there is a new restaurant now going into the ground floor level, and Wells Fargo Bank is now located in the annex building on 15th. Historical photos and further information are available for those interested. (My grandfather was an early graduate in the 1920's of the Bible college, and I am a graduate now serving in the leadership of the college.)

  • Anon   -- 2009-03-08

    This was also the home to Upward Bound Youth Community and the Upward Bound summer program in the 1970s. The Espresso 22 windows on the left were the Director's office (Ron Berk). Classes were held in many of the upstairs spaces. The summer program was for at-risk kids to get them through High School and into General College. Upward Bound still exists, but is located up near the KSTP studios on University Avenue. The current Director was one of the UB students in the 70s. The Youth Community was a group of 10-12 gifted/talented kids who, at ages 14-17, moved away from home to live in the Sanford Hall dorm and attend both Marshall-University High School and General College for accelerated college placement. At one time in the mid-70s, there were about 30 staff members and more than 100 kids in these combined programs and using this building as their home base on campus. It was officially called "Dome City" back then.

  • Hans Matthes   Glendale, CA -- 2012-04-07

    I worked for Upward Bound and Youth Community from 1972-1977 as a student and worked in the building. It was just called the Bible College as I recall back then. Or to the staff, it was just "the office." The Student Book Store space held a couple businesses during that time, one of them a clothes store and then a record shop. It was nothing but vinyl in those days. The Food Court once housed an Earth Shoe store, and behind the far right awning was a very popular Sandy's hamburger restaurant. The large open space in the upper center of the building with the dome as ceiling was used for dance classes. Seems like they only played one darn song on that little boom box and the tune still drifts through my head from time to time. Grrr...

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