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Taxi Stand at Union Station, Washington DC (#7165)

Taxi Stand at Union Station, Washington DC
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Washington DC
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picture date: 2006-11-27


Taxi Stand at Union Station, Washington DC



  • TEXEIRA AGUILAR   COLOMBIA -- 2010-11-06

    Good afternoon yesterday NOBIEMBRE 5, take a taxi from Union Station in Washington and get to the airport dropped me all upset and let missed a blue bag tommy hilfiger Turkey which contained a woman's underwear victoria secret pajamas and 2 victory secret and a black scarf, the taxi took the path of the station to the airport in Dallas at 11 am and 45 am was a mini cab. SOUVENIR PLATE PLEASE DO NOT NEED THIS BAG COLLECT SUCH IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME. MAIL SENT TO ANYTHING or phone on 3004884882 Bogota Colombia UREGENTE HOPE IS REALLY POSITIVE RESPONSE.
    Teixeira AGUILAR

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