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Buffalo on a Wisconsin Farm (#7007)

Buffalo on a Wisconsin Farm
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St Croix County
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picture date: 2006-05-20


These buffalo are on a farm along I-94 in Wisconsin.


  • Georgiev   Sale of promotional price-farm buffaloes -- 2009-04-24

    Sale of promotional price-farm buffaloes - And Bulgarian farmers sell their farms
    Owner-legal person registered for VAT.
    In deed consists of 5 one massive buildings / kravarnitsi / respectively, with built-up area: 870m2, 963m2, 887m2, 906m2, 935m2, 180m2 block milk / two storage facilities for raw materials and bathroom bitovka; milk solid building block -85m2, 613m2, her two labor rooms and room for staff telcharnik-844m2telcharnik-heifers-385m2, 901m2, metal shed, balance-49m2; trafopost with aggregate-14m2; bit building-116m2, 231m2 cow-TOTAL-up AREA-7979M2, all built on an adjacent area of 107.75 acres;
    Active state-building is one in which there vakumprovodi-State Educational Requirements to churn.
    Stay in her cell-free doors.
    In other buildings are the foundation / uleite / fertilizer lenti.Yaslite reserved.
    All buildings with land sold for 750,000 euros from 94 evro/m2 area.
    Is entitled to 1.5 million euros of EU subsidies for the restoration of buildings.
    Has a contract to lease 1978 acres of pasture from the State Land Fund. Pasture and processing properties are about 5 kilometers from the farm that may be ADDITIONAL RENT.
    Sold 78 buffaloes and 2 bika price of € 800 ea.
    Farm work 4 skilled.
    The property is mortgaged for 130,000-euro monthly fee is 2950 euro / month and are paid regularly.
    In the territory of the farm year-round air passes light breeze, which allows for the construction of wind combined with photovoltaic batteries that can provide elenergiya for farm and for sale. BULGARIA – Karnobat-,,
    Please give this offer to people who have an interest in farm

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