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Protesters Opposed to Guantanamo Bay, Downtown Minneapolis (#6269)

Protesters Opposed to Guantanamo Bay, Downtown Minneapolis
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copyright © 2007 Chris Gregerson. Available format: 6 megapixel (3072 x 2048 total resolution)
picture date: 2007-01-11


These protesters (in orange jumpsuits) are marching through the skyway system. In this shot they are passing through the Wells Fargo Tower.



  • Charlie   Minneapolis -- 2007-06-20

    Despite the types of people shown here, Minneapolis is largely comprised of normal and nice people. But like any big city, you occasionally have to deal with silly people. Best to avoid them and enjoy the sites. By the way, the Wells Fargo building is a beautiful structure. Check it out!

  • Mike   Minneapolis -- 2007-08-26

    Looks like there are ignorant people in every city. I've got really good friends at GITMO and they told me the real story over a few beers. The bottom line is that these guys get treated better than 95% of the U.S. prisoners in this country. DO these people want to let the prisoners go so they can go blow up some Americans? Get a grip protestors. Find a real cause to support.

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