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Inside a Church Sanctuary in Vigan, Ilocos Sur (#5564)

Inside a Church Sanctuary in Vigan, Ilocos Sur
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picture date: 2004-12-26


This shows the altar and the pews inside the church. The altar is topped with the sign "Apo Caridad, be our advocate". Apo means God and Caridad means charity. Catholicism abounds here in the Philippines.


  • Mark   Toronto -- 2007-09-03

    Your translation of the word "apo" is not entirely correct. "Apo" in Ilocano is a form of address given to a person (male or female) deserving of respect. For example, I am a priest and my name is Mark. In the English speaking world, I would be addressed Father Mark. In the Ilocano language, I would be called "Apo Mark." In a similar manner, the words "Apo Caridad" above the altar does not mean "God Charity," but rather refers to Mary, the mother of Jesus, under her title "Our Lady of Charity." In this case, "our lady" is translated "apo"

  • Albert vd Meeren   Netherlands -- 2008-05-18

    Im married in 1992 in this church
    Its in Bantay near Vigan

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