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Sign Banning Guns from a Public High School (#5447)

Sign Banning Guns from a Public High School
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picture date: 2004-02-11


It might seem obvious guns don't belong at school, and it is, but in Minnesota it was made legal recently to carry a firearm; all facilities (such as churches and schools) which don't want to allow guns must now have such signs.



  • Pakrat   MN -- 2006-08-28

    Schools are off-limits for permit holders unless specifically given permission.
    Before the 2003 MCPPA was passed, it was perfectly legal to carry a gun on a permit in a school.
    If you live in Minneapolis, please thank the school district for wasting your tax-payer money.
    Also, think about it- If someone who has undergone training and a background check can't carry, who's going to protect the children from the bad kids who carry guns past these signs? Signs don't mean anything to CRIMINALS.

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