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Caution:Illegal Immigrant Crossing (#5399)

Caution:Illegal Immigrant Crossing
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picture date: 2006-01-08


This sign is on the freeway near San Diego in Southern Californa.


  • marco   -- 2006-11-30

    what does this sign mean? I hope its not what I think. I'm mexican, we should put up some dumb signs for the gringos

  • Jane   San Diego -- 2006-12-06

    This sign is located just before a "border check point." Since it is on a stretch of freeway where there are no off ramps, undocumented immigrants (and/ or their drivers) often times get out of their vehicles on foot and run across the freeway. Its more of a "watch for pedestrians" sign than anything.

  • Serg   Modesto -- 2007-02-22

    Hey Im Mexican and i think this is funny i actually wanna buy a sign like that and put it in my wall

  • Anonymous   colorado -- 2007-09-17

    Ok i grew up in south texas and now i am in colorado, i am aware that hispanics and every other race are here, but give me a brake this is condoning border jumping, it is offensive to americans that we are still allowing this. the amount of money the government spent on signs we could hire more border control agents to keep them out. i am not racist at all i am married to a hispanic man who believes the same thing. frustrating.

  • Anonymous   -- 2007-09-17

    i mean break sorry.

  • Stephanie   Duluth, Ga -- 2007-10-20

    HAHAHA!!!! This sign is very funny. It's a warning sign. It means that if you see an illegal Immigrant crossing then you should report them to the police. Hey if they paid me to turn people in then I would be rich cuz over here in Ga is like Mexico itself. But I'm not a snitch and to be honest...what would US do without hispanics? Those men that work in the fields are the ones that provide us with the fruits we like. WIthout those people United States wouldn't funtion.

  • Stephanie R   Duluth, Ga -- 2007-10-20

    I think this sign is very mean to be honest. Although I believe that if you come to this country you should do it the honest way. So there..

  • brent   canada -- 2007-12-30

    I have GOT to get this on a Tshirt!! Does anyone know where I can?

  • Tony   USA -- 2008-01-31

    It would be perfect if the woman was shown as being pregnant.

  • No Illegals   Tennessee -- 2008-04-14

    This sign is to warn drivers of the stupid mexicans trying to run across the freeway near San Clemente, CA. If I wanted to live in a 3rd world crap whole like mexico I would move there. NO ILLEGLS!

  • Jessey   Dallas -- 2008-04-15

    I see that many of the comments of this picture are bad just because we are Hispanic. Without us you are not any thing.somos imigrant y K? pedo

  • Jessey   Dallas -- 2008-04-15

    I see that many of the comments of this picture are bad just because we are Hispanic. Without us you are not any thing.

  • Stacy   Here -- 2008-04-30

    Jessey: The U.S. would be much better off without illegal Mexicans. They add nothing of real value to this country, and bring with them plenty of problems.
    Many argue that illegal Mexicans are a boon to the country, because they provide cheap labor and we can thus sell goods for cheaper. While this is true, the kicker is that we end up paying MORE in the end--because when it is time to pay taxes, American citizens end up paying for illegal Mexicans' use of our resources and public services (i.e. hospital care, schools, etc.). Without illegals, we'd pay a little more for goods, but we'd pay a LOT less in taxes, so we'd actually be better off.

  • Lmao.   -- 2008-04-30

    this is quite funny.
    i think the only people that are allowed to be racist against mexicans are mexicans, like me (:
    hahaha :D
    this is so going on my myspace.
    and i'm printing it out (Y)

  • Darryl Schumacher   Los Alamos California -- 2008-05-14

    Driving on the 405 to San Diego and seeing this sign for the first time scared me to death. I worried I would run over a Mother and Her family. This is a horrible scare for drivers and I pray no family ever has to escape into a freeway.

  • John Ford   L.A., CA -- 2008-05-29

    The sign has is a simple warning to avoid clipping Mexican families trying to cross the freeway on foot. If it's racist, blame the the state government (Cal-Trans) in California (AKA: N. Mexico). I think that it is both funny and yet sad. But if Mexicans take offense, they can't get mad since it wouldn't be there if not true!

  • Anthony   San Jose, CA -- 2008-06-17

    "PEDESTRIAN CROSSING" MY ASS! We all know what and who it's for, but the person who released the sign just doesn't want to admit it.

  • GEORGE   BURNDANK,CA -- 2008-07-22


  • John   -- 2008-07-25


  • Proud Mexican/American   Va. -- 2008-09-02

    To all those retarded ppl that have said "no illegals" ...well you better go check a history book, if anything you are more of a "wet-back" than anybody crossing the border ilegally! father and the rest of my family crossed the border ilegally once...and the have worked their butts off honestly to give their kids a good education...Now I joined the ARMY and am making up for my ppls "problem"!

  • Pancho V   too close to Santa Ana -- 2008-09-10

    She should be pushing a stroller with 3 other toddlers with a banner that reads Orange County or bust.Jessey: we were just fine 30 years ago before the floodgates opened and the govt stopped enforcing the law.Do Mexicans feel successful and manly(or womanly) the more babies they have? Thankfully many of them are losing their homes because they couldnt read their mortgage contracts.

  • East Coaster   -- 2008-10-21

    Its why my parents moved to Jersey.

  • A person who knows her facts   -- 2008-11-23

    Oh, and by the way, when the immigrants come here, life is NOT A FAIRY TALE. Do you think their lives are perfect because they are in the US now? NO! They suffer here too! They feel like they don't belong here or at home, and we have to help them. A word of advoce: watch the movie "El Norte" it will change your mind about illegal immigration completely.

  • Green   CA -- 2008-11-23

    Non-immigrants: Think about how your ancestors came to Ellis Island. Do you know if they had "papers" or not? Who is to say that they had "the right to be here" any more than people crossing the border today? Just muse on that for a second and rethink your judgements.

  • A person who knows her facts   -- 2008-11-23

    Wow. Honestly, I think you guys are being too harsh. Why does everyone think immigrants come to "enjoy" the American dream? They come here to WORK and provide a meal for their families. If things weren't so bad, do you think people would VOLUNTARILY risk getting shot or killed by crossing the border???? Please, what happened to "Give me your tired, your poor,your huddled masses yearning to breathe free"? That is what America has always been about! Helping those whose government is corrupt, or who are struggling to survive. You guys do not know what you are talking about! Have you suffered this firsthand? Have you had to escape your country because the army is hunting you down for no reason? Have you seen your family starve and die? I do not think so. You have to look at the whole picture, and not just listen to the bigots who speak out against them. KNOW YOUR FACTS BEFORE YOU EMBARASS YOURSELF BY PUTTING UP COMMENTS THAT AREN'T TRUE.

  • mexico lover   -- 2008-11-25

    stupid gringos u guys need to get a life and stop hateing on people that are trying to get a better life.

  • estrella   -- 2008-11-25


  • Stuipid Gringo   El Cajon -- 2008-11-30

    Wow Estrella, as a "STUPID GRINGO" I would like to refute your argument. First; take a breath... your writing is so devoid of punctuation that it inspires a need to say it all in one breath. Second, LTS ( learn to spell ); you "WORK YOUR BUTT OF," I am sure you meant OFF, but that is beside the point; use the spell check on the computer, its there for a reason. Finally, these jobs you write of that we "STUPID GRINGOS ARE TO LAZY TO DO" ourselves; its not that we don't want to do them, its that since illegals do them for so little money because the labor laws don't effect them as they do legal citizens, that we "STUPID GRINGOS" don't really have a chance to do them. I can guarantee you that if they amount of monies being paid for a job were equal for either the illegal immigrant or a "STUPID GRINGO," and they were both standing in front of the same Home Depot with similar experience, that the job would go to the "STUPID GRINGO" because he speaks the language and can get the job done right the first time. Not the Hispanics don't do good work, they do, i work with several LEGAL citizens of Hispanic descent. I am very good friends with them. So just because you get aggravated over the fact that you or a family member of yours is worked a very hard job for little money, doesn't mean that we won't do it. We have done it, look at the great depression, besides that sign probably dates back to that time and was used to warn drivers of depression era families crossing roads, it just also has use today for warning drivers of Illegal Immigrant families doing the same thing.

  •   -- 2008-12-16

    Iam french and I think that what you guys are saying is awful!! how can you say things like that !! If people want to go to a richer country it is because of health care needs or welfare. You can not agree but you can't give your argument's they aren't right. You can't say that they are no use. It is them that work the most not to be fat and go to fast food all the time like you gys but to survive !!!
    Stupid racists americans

  • Mexican   L.A. -- 2008-12-16

    You guys are all racist. Mexicans are not the only people that immigrate illegally to this country. Besides Americans benefit MUCH more from the illegal population being here, history has proven it. The government would have gone into a DEEP recession if it wasn't for illegal immigrants. Because of the bracero program the U.S. brought immigrants illegally to the country to make up for all the soldiers that were fighting in the war. Later on the U.S. deported most of these people because guess what they were illegal, ironic huh? You are all ignorant and it's sad to see that there are people like you that would insult a whole demographic because of the actions of a few.

  • Stupid dummies Crakers   H-Town -- 2008-12-27


  • Deport McCain Voters   Philly -- 2009-01-07

    They should add border patrol jeep to the background for added effect

  • Sonia   -- 2009-01-09

    Wow. There are a lot of mean comments on this pic. I'm Mexican and I think this picture is kind of mean. Mexican do only come to give their kids and themselves a better life. Estrella has a lot to say bout this and she's right stupid gringos can't do half of the stuff we do. think... why do gringos want us here??? To do the stuff they don't even want 2 do??? well then why do they want 2 kick us all out??? hmmm...

  • Robert Lennox Sr.   Las Vegas Nevada -- 2009-01-29

    My wife is a legal Immigrate and it took 2 years after married to get her here in the USA and
    $30,000 USD of support over 3 years as she waited in the Philippes she has a masters degree and speeks 7 languages" Yes she did marry to a US American to get and yes it was arranged but after 6 years of marrage and 1 child later she did get her legaly and is paying taxes and loves America as she is loving me her husband" So YES That Sign Tells It All!"

  • Robert Lennox Sr.   Las Vegas Nevada -- 2009-01-29

    My wife is a legal Immigrate and it took 2 years after married to get her here in the USA and
    $30,000 USD of support over 3 years as she waited in the Philippens. she has a masters degree and speeks 7 languages" Yes" she did marry to a US American. to get here and yes it was arranged. but after 6 years of marrage, and 1 child later she did get here legaly and is paying taxes" and loves America" as she is loving me" her husband" So YES That Sign Tells It All!"

  • BIGHOG   BOSTON -- 2009-02-03


  • Laura   -- 2009-02-17

    I think the picture is mean cuz we come here to get a better life maybe if the gringos knew the kind of life we had in our country they wouldn't be mean. They don't know about proverty,lots of people diying cuz they don't have food.

  • Bronte   US -- 2009-02-21

    Being here illegally is criminal, pure and simple. We do not want you here. You come here like fire ants and stink up the place.
    Your lazy and worthless, which is why you do nothing to make your own country a better place to live. Yet you sit there in all your ignorance and wonder WHY we don't want you here.
    Your numbers, your greed has caused more Americans to take notice of the wasteland you are attempting to create in the U.S. and they are beginning to form an opinion and a coalition. You should begin to worry, be afraid and start making plans to go back where you came from.
    It is good advice.

  • d braddock   illinois -- 2009-03-04

    please tell me why we warn motorists to look out so they don't run over illegal immigrants on the highway. 8 million unemployed americans and we got 20 million mexicans here. deport every one of them, and we solve our unemployment problem. and believe me the jobs that pay less than minimum wage will pay more if there are no illegals to work for 4 dollars an hour. bad news is that your kids happy meal will now cost you $5 instead of $3.50

  •   -- 2009-03-15

    run there ### over, they should not be here illegaly,they send more money home from working here than some gnp of some small nations, if they want to come here do it legal

  •   -- 2009-03-15

    come to maryland, frederick in peticular or even dc the capital there are more mexicans there than in mexico. go to micky ds at lunch time in frederick next to fort detrick there are about 25 of them working in micky ds at lunch time, there is 25 jobs for the 8 percent who are out of work bet a 100 bucks, not a dam one of them has a green card

  • Guera   PA -- 2009-03-15

    First of all let me say that I am 100% American but of German, French, and Irish decent so I guess I am also an immigrant, or at least my great-great-grandparents were. I also find the sign humorous, but not in a disgusting racist way a alot of the ignorant people on this site do. For all those who keep beating the dead horse about the taxes...I personally know LEGAL mexicans who run a business and employ a few illegal mexicans. Though these employees do not recieve "paychecks" the employer pays the workers out of money that has already been taxed for the business. Secondly, every illegal mexican I know does more to support the failing economy in the US than any white person I know. They buy nikes, clothes, and all kinds of electronics like they are goin' out of style that they send to Mexico to their families. And not a single one of them is on welfare! Thirdly, Americans would NOT be working these cheap labor jobs if it were not for the Mexicans. If you actaully research any of the BS out of your mouth you would find several reports and interviews from farming industries that say they would not be able to grow and harvest in todays economy if it were not for the low wages the Mexicans work for. Trust me, Mexicans come here for a better life, as you can see they sure as heck don't come here for the hospitality. Too bad some your great-grandparents didn't get run over on the way from Ellis Ilsland, Sometimes I am ashamed of to be part of you spoiled, selfish Americans

  • grateful artisan   -- 2009-03-31

    Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame, with conquering limbs astride from land to land here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand a mighty woman with a torch, whose flame is the imprisoned lightning, and her name mother of exiles. From her beacon-hand glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command the air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame."keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!"cries she with silent lips. "give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

  • grateful artisan   -- 2009-03-31

    the beautiful sonnet"the new colossus"by Emma Lazarus.the bronze plaque inscribed on the interior of the Statue of Liberty pedestal.

  • j   waynesfield, Ohio -- 2009-04-09


  •   -- 2009-05-11

    karma comes back so keep talking, u havent notice but we are rising n ur running

  •   -- 2009-05-11

    california was mexico

  • Jimmy   -- 2009-05-27

    This sign will help prevent the many sad deaths of immigrants trying to run away from the oppresive government of Mexico to freedom here in America. I think that there should be no United States/Mexico border. They should let the immigrants become United States citizens.
    Some of these comments are racist.

  • rubi   californa -- 2009-06-12

    this is crazy sing , mexicans come her for a better future atlest they are not american hobos they try and dont give up this singn should be taken of and be replaced by more stop sings insted of this craky sings

  • Bianca   -- 2009-06-23

    Okay. so idk if any of the americans are aware.. but "gringo" is a racist word against white americans! I am aware of this due to the fact that i have a mexican family on one side and an american family on the other. The mexicans who are saying how hurt they are and how "racist" it is shant say "gringos" because by doing so you are just as bad as the ignorant red necks who hate you ever so much. you are just fueling the fire. I think that the illegal alien topic is so touchy. Both sides have such great points. Yes by coming to america they are getting such a better life.. but really are they? i have a friend.. her whole family is illegal except for her baby who was born here..and there life is simply miserable. her baby never has fresh diapers, her other daughter doenst have clothes that fit.. she has no job and since her husband is illegal..he makes 3 dollars an hour. its hard here for them. but anyways. i guess its just a sign. to be honest. i dont really care about the sign. it just really uspet me that latin americans who were soo offended found it necesary to call me a gringa! Porque yo se espanol, y quando tu hablas tu necesitas pensar!

  • Mishela   San Diego -- 2009-07-16

    This sign was put up in the early 90's after over a hundred illegals were hit and killed on San Diego freeways. You know how many have been hit since the signs went up? before you go saying it's racist just know that it saves about 25 MEXICAN lives each year. The only reason it's so dramatic is that people have to be able to read it quickly.

  • Bob Fairlane   Dallas TX -- 2009-07-23

    Mexico is a sorry country. You all should be ashamed of yourselves for living here in spite of your rich territory, because you could produce nothing yourselves.

  • g   florida -- 2009-07-25

    I agree the sign was posted to save lives, and to be understood quickly. I'm US citizen who loves her country, but you guys have no clue what mexicans go through in their country. Do some research and look in your heart. After all America is the melting place full of all races. To the people who say do It legally lol they don't had out papers to mexicans. Illegals come her to help their families survive and the majority pay taxes and never see a dime in return. To all the lazy welfare babies get a job, illegals aren't aloud to collect any kind of welfare without a ss# so it's not them draining our country it's you.

  • G   Texas -- 2009-08-05

    To BOB, How can Mexico develop anything when the US tries to find ways of block trading? The US only makes moves that will benefit them. Yes the US is a great country but people like you built your fortune on the backs of immigrants & think you really did it yourself. For the record Mexico does have rich people but only the poor want to come here. Only to look for a chance to make it. Isn't the US the land of opportunity?

  • G   Texas -- 2009-08-05

    To Robert Lennox
    My wife is also pinay and yes it takes alot of time and alot of money but the Philippines is far away. If it was closer or any other country with a large poor population they would be crossing as well. Don't talk as if your wife would have made it here on her own, maters or not. She would not make it in this country without you. My wife has a degree as well but what does it matter if there is no work?

  • G   Texas -- 2009-08-05

    To Bianca,
    Lets get one thing straight when you say "your AMERICAN family" do you mean white? I'm a hispanic but yet also AMERICAN....Lets get something straight AMERICAN does not mean WHITE!

  • Calirodan   Colorado -- 2009-08-15

    What's ironic about this discussion is that while the "legal" residents and "illegal" immigrants are taking pot-shots at each other, the corporations continue to get richer off all of us. The whole reason why the U.S'. current immigration (non)system is the way it is has to do with the fact that "illegal" immigrants allow corporate-controlled farms and factories to pay lower wages to people who effectively have NO legal rights once they're here. All of us, Mexicans and Yankees, need to unite to create better conditions on both sides of the border. That means a living wage, safe streets, non-corrupt government, and some kind of work-permit system that would allow people to go back and forth legally but also be subject to government laws and regulations.

  • George   North Carolina -- 2009-08-25

    Ya'll need to stop.
    I am of Hispanic origin and I am Mexican and I am not offended by this sign.
    It is no different that the sign near schools alerting drivers that there might be kids crossing the road.
    Same thing, this sign is just trying to alert drivers to pay attention to their surroundings.
    And FYI not all Mexicans came here illegally but mostly all Europeans did 200 years ago.

  • la mexicana   NC -- 2009-09-02

    well,let me tell you some.yo tengo en US more than 4 years and i finish d high skool and casi termino my degree.iam 100%mexicana illegal and that sigh make just laugh hahahahaha. pa todos los que hablan espanol son unos pendejos los que hablan mal de nosotros si o naw hahaha.

  • Kemosabe   Chicago, IL -- 2009-09-23

    Item the First: A recent comment hit the nail right on the head. The 'Legal' vs. 'Illegal' classification. The U.S. still allows Legal Immigration . . . Secondly, I'm a WASP of Irish/Scotish/Canadian & German decent. Maybe all my ancsetors didn't have papers, but 100 years ago a) the US may not have had the need for documentation, b) the country was expanding and needed skilled, literate, and educated people, and c) the immagrants for the most part pulled their own weight, and didn't impose a burden on Hospitals, Schools, food stamps, and section 8. Okay - rent subsidies may not be given w/o a SS#, but when 3 families will live in one apartment - - everybody doesn't need to be documented. Item #3: In Feb 09, Pres. Obama granted FREE healthcare for ALL children, regardless of status. Let me stop the Leftists right here by saying you can't call me racist, because I'm married to a Brazillian, also shut up with that Marxist seperatist diatribe about America being built upon anyone's back, get over it! The overwhelming majority of wealthy families are were they are because of their sacrafices, having caring parents who encoureged hard studying, and who whorked their tails off. They also save their money, and didn't go to the park every week-end to play soccer while having a BBQ at taxpayers expense! #4) We who are also hard-working, are paying the tab for millions of Mexicans that are in U.S. prisons for dealing drugs, committing violent crime, and typical low life gang banging. #5) As far the laborers doing work that the 'the gringos' won't do - also alot of Leftist bunk! In this economy, picking crops, mowing lawns, and flipping burgers @ McD's would look petty good to millions of our own citizens. We seemed to survive pretty well for the 1st 200 years, and we would be far better off without our uninvited guests. If I see one illegal in the Wal-mart parking lot who is a chef at a restaurant, fine - - -it's his pregnant wife, and his other 3 kids who make him a drain on our eceonomy. Lastly, other immagrants came her because they wanted to become American, these illegals who don't want to learn English, have their own newspapers, radio, and TV stations, and not be part of 'the Melting Pot', are nothing but a scurge upon this great nation. If you want to come to America to BE an American, make an application andait like your 'Legal' Brothers, and Sisters did. You're breaking a Law of the land, that's why you're distained. P.S. And , Oh Yes, for the history buff that added "California was Mexico" - - get real, are you a full-blooded Aztec? Go back to Spain!

  • African American   GA -- 2009-11-06

    I was shocked to see this sign, but it is a hard truth. The thought is that it is not fair for illegal immigrants (regardless of what other country you are fleeing) to be here as they are "illegal". Everyone should have to follow the same laws. There is a legal process to become an American Citizen and it's not fair to those who actually abide by the law and go through the process.

  • WHY?   SO MUCH HATE -- 2009-11-23

    I'm ashamed of all these racists. Who came here and took what from who anyways? The indigenous people were killed by the thousands from illegal immigrant white people and that was ok? Get over yourselfs...stop being stupid turtles. Immigrants should be legal so that they CAN PAY TAXES. 90% of them would gladly pay if they could.

  • GABRIELLA   MEXICO -- 2009-12-01


  • Dawn   OC -- 2009-12-07

    are people in California that stupid? The sign has nothing to do with being racist and everything to do with warning drivers to be careful and alert of "illegal immigrant crossing" foot traffic on the freeway that normally freeways do not have. It has nothing to with race, except for the fact that Mexico happens to be the country at that border. The sign does not decifer the ethnicity of the people outlined. It is just designed to get the point across to be on the look out of "PEOPLE CROSSING THE FREEWAY" If Americans didn't care the sign wouldn't have gone up to caution people to slow down or be careful and there would be more deaths. Stop placing blame on Americans for the sign when the sign was designed for the illegals own safety. The illegal immigrants should not be crossing PERIOD, but they do therefore a sign had to be made. Are people nuts and crazy to concentrate on finding the sign offenseful rather than seeing the good that sign was designed to do. If some of you Mexicans love your people so much HOW COME YOU CAN NOT SEE THAT first? How much do you want to make a bet non mexicans had the idea of the sign to save illegal immigrants lives?
    Enough is enough all ready AMERICANS are mexicans, black, white, german, asian, italian, russian and so on. My great great great grandfather was immigrant BUT what people fail to leave out is immigrants that came from other countries all came here LEGALLY through ELLIS ISLAND and a strict process. If you were sick they sent you right back, if you didn't have a skill they sent you back. Americans have open arms to people who want to come here and assimulate into this country, work, pay taxes, contribute, be part of society. Several of you fail to accept that we have laws in place for reasons. We all have to abide by laws. I do not get to move to Mexico and buy land. Does tha mean Mexico is racist? Or is that just the Law they have in place I must abide by and play by the rules. What about the thousands of immigrants who are on lists who want a better life for themselves who dont have that luxury of "walking" over here? But have been waiting for years all ready? Do you think it is fair that illegal immigrants come here and you dont think that has a negative affect on the people who waiting on the list legally? IT DOES. While those people may have it bad, it is not the American peoples responsibilty. It is the Mexican government responsility. And for those Mexicans who live here and call the US home legally, perhaps you should go to your home land and try to do something about it. rather than making the rest of us who dont owe mexico and dont have anything to do with mexico. It is not any different than people from coming china expecting us give them a better life or Kenya or croatia, Mexican do not have any ties with those people yet at in every country around the world people have suffered and are starving and dirt poor. The taxes you and I pay can not be expected to pay for the world if you and I expect to have social security etc. But since you guys all dont think it is important to follow the laws, and you dont think it is important to keep other countries responsible for their own people until the people become a one of ours legally you will see when you go to collect SS at 65 there wont be any for you, or you children or childrens. WHY? Becuase you thought it was ok to pay for others who were not legally suppose to be here. So back to the sign. What are you going to concentrate on? The fact that the signs is meant to save lives? (which IS it's sole purpose period) OR are you going to focus on the wrong part and ruin it for every one even the ones who it is protecting? Just like illegal immigration. If we got a handled on it, then when immigrants did get their citizenship it would be good for them and you and me. They would be able work, get a license, get insurance to protect them, you and I, pay for healthy insurance and not make our tax dollars pay for it or stick it with the hospitals which in return hospitals charge more and you and I pay more. Mean while they are getting it for free. Does any of that compute just how much illegal immigration cost you cost americans so much. We may have a better life, but these days every body is struggleing, americans have lost jobs, lost homes, living out of cars, dont have medical insurance and guess what people!?!? AMERCIANS still can't go in and get free medial like illegal immigrants. SO what is wrong with that picture?? They know eventually the american will go back to work, has a SS # tied to. They know the illegally immigrant can not be tracked and will never get anything from, so they dont even bother. So all you Americans hurting right now working 2 and 3 jobs and still not making ends meet, all you 30 and 40 year olds living back with parents, all of you who have worked and paid into the system for how many years?? Shouldn't you be mad that they get FREE anything?? when now you are hurting in times like these and you can't even free or hand outs?
    Using the word racist is a complete copout. It is criminal
    The ones speaking I have to think must be illegal, I can't see any other reason that an American would not see the price they pay for seeing Illegals here.

  • Nestor   Philadelphia -- 2010-03-10

    hahahah q lastima q despues de todo creemos soprtarnos aunq no nos queremos pero les digo una cosa para todos todos peleamos como perros y gatos por un troso de pan el uno por no dejar quitar otro por q tiene ambre pero les digo algo vien claro ay un citio donde no ay rasismo ni ilegal es el dia q tengas q compartir el sementerio con otro muerto y nolo puedes desir nada porq aeso llegamos por nesios qlastima deq nadie queira entender mas tan solo elq calla porq elq abla mucho ho grita ese siempre seqdara con todo

  • Tammie   Colorado -- 2010-04-01

    I absolutely agree with the folks who said that the illegals should go through the proper channels to become a citizen. My great grand parents had to save money to get here from the Czech Republic for themselves and their 2 children. They all had to get health examinations once they were here too.The Irish had their own schools to teach their kids English so they wouldn't burden America's schools.They all worked their bottoms off and shared the job of building the country.None of them were hand-out-seeking freeloaders like the illegals of today are.Back then it was even harder to get here since communication was so slow for correspondence, currency exchange and you'd have to be on a boat for days, often times exposing yourself to illness and danger, yet many immigrants were able to do that. Illegal Mexicans in today's society have NONE of those issues, so why the heck can't they do it the right way??

  •   -- 2010-04-01

    I use that sign for Cinco Demayo every year

  • Duncemonkey   Midland, MI -- 2010-05-04

    If there is no sign, someone is run over and dies. Someone else's car is totaled. Then is everyone happier?

  • Bob Minnesota   Hollandale -- 2010-09-09

    The pro-illegal and open border comments, especially those from the "illegal alien foreign national groups" and the comments of those from Mexico,are laughable. Their postings show the arrogance, hostility, ignorance,and culture of their third world country.
    Every city and town in the U.S. has a barrio area or a street where this sign can be and should be displayed.
    Those supporting illegal alien foreign nationals, the policy of open borders, amnesty, or any actions of aiding and abetting are violating federal immigration laws and subject to arrest.
    I consider those above mentioned to be traitors to America and need to be delt with.

  • Paco   San Diego -- 2010-12-28

    I am a Full Bread Mesican born in Tijuanopolis. I am not offended by this photo. It is not racist and it was put up to protect the illegals running across the freeway and getting hit. A handful of people were run over in the middle of the freeway and I witnessed a couple. Not a pretty scene. I was invited to a mexican themed party and I am wearing this exact sign. Yes I am going as an illegal running across the freeway. No shame in that. All you wanna be "oh i'm offended" fools, stop with the nonsense. The ones being racists here are you with your way of thinking about the green go. If the gringo was racist you would not be here to be complaining about them being racist. So shut your pi whole.
    P.S. No I am not illiterate, I misspelled all those words on purpose, so don't start hading.

  • Proud to be Amer. &. MEXICAN   Long beach, Ca -- 2011-02-05

    Although I was born in the united states my parents and my older brother were born in Mexico I consider my self to be more Mexican that American. Let me give YOU a history lesson STUPID Americans, gringos, red necks, this country was made of immigrants you English people came here first of all. Your ancestors were immigrants 2 so that means that you guys and girls, you have immigrant blood on you.. So now who's the ALIEN! 8( this country was mad of immigrants. You guys are lazy Americans that don't want to work on the field. They will take any job they get becaus you don't wan to work. They come here to get a better future for them, family and children. ALL of you racist out there in the world will burn in hail and your whole family too for being dumass people. 8( you guys will pay for what you guys are doing to this innocent people.

  • Bob biggs   CA -- 2011-03-09

    Пидорасы !!!

  • My Father Emigrated LEGALLY   ARIZONA -- 2011-04-27

    My father and his parents HAD TO WAIT to emigrate LEGALLY from EUROPE, while their relatives and friends were being MURDERED every day by Nazi Germany. THEY WAITED BECAUSE THEY HAD RESPECT FOR THE LAWS AND PEOPLE OF AMERICA, unlike the Mexicans of today.
    What makes Mexicans so special that they should be allowed to emigrate to America by the MILLIONS, while people of other nations are only allowed entry by the HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS?
    Should Mexicans be able to emigrate to the U.S.? Yes!!! But GET IN LINE AND WAIT YOUR TURN LIKE EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD!

  • Jaska   N.C. -- 2011-05-20

    Illegal Mexicans are stealing my Tile and Marble jobs. They don't do A.S.N.I. and T.C.A. standards. Costing homeowners thousands to fix there home. My family suffers because lost of income.This is a cancer and economic terrorism. If they are so great to have California would be the best state in America. They need to go home and fight for rights there, instead of leeching off of us.

  • Jaska   N.C. -- 2011-05-20

    Illegal Mexicans are stealing my Tile and Marble jobs. They don't do A.S.N.I. and T.C.A. standards. Costing homeowners thousands to fix there home. My family suffers because lost of income.This is a cancer and economic terrorism. If they are so great to have California would be the best state in America. They need to go home and fight for rights there, instead of leeching off of us.

  • Misha   -- 2011-06-01

    The characters convey a sense of urgency in their flight. It doesn't just mean they are running across the freeway, it means they are running from something else as well. I think it's a struggle for a lot of things, for opportunities, for freedom.

  • Misha   -- 2011-06-01

    The characters convey a sense of urgency in their flight. It doesn't just mean they are running across the freeway, it means they are running from something else as well. I think it's a struggle for a lot of things, for opportunities, for freedom.

  • Valerie   Coachella -- 2012-01-08

    its not easy to get legit documents to come into america....if it were, we wouldn't have this problem OBVIOUSLY. just a few months ago, my hubby's aunts couldn't come for even just a few days for his 14 yr old cousin's FUNERAL!

  • UK-immigrant   MI -- 2012-02-23

    It's just saying that even though these people are coming into our country illegal, they are still human and have a life and warning other drives to be careful.

  • Pedro   Los Angeles -- 2012-07-25

    I would like to let you all who complain about the mexicans leeching off your taxes. Wake up! My friend was illegal. He and many other illegals use fake social security numbers. This meant he was too afraid to file for tax refunds. All the money due to be returned stayed with the government paying for programs you claim they don't deserve. Meanwhile you are lying and cheating on your taxes to get a larger return and steal from your government. Look in the mirror!

  • Lisa   Santa Rosa, CA -- 2012-08-28

    I am sorry that some of these people are ignorant in their comments about this sign. If you read your California's Driver Handbook, you will all know that yellow signs are caution signs. This caution sign is to allow driver's to be on the look out for people running across the freeway and be cautious and careful. This is not to be mean, it is to help freeway drivers to avoid hitting people fleeing Mexico which is reality. Mexico is the only country that borders California you ignorant people. I am hispanic and I didn't take offense to this caution sign. I took it for what it is - BE CAREFUL AND BE ON ALERT THAT IT IS A POSSIBILITY THAT PEOPLE ARE RUNNING ACROSS THE FREEWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dee   Texas -- 2012-10-10

    I lived in California and I'm hispanic and I find this absolutely hilarious! When I first moved there I got what it meant and understood that California borders Mexico therefore, since the mexicans are trying to flee their poverty ridden country that there is a possibility of a person or persons running across the freeway but here it goes...if they are going to try and run across a freeway where slow is 75mph then what happens happens. Come on people get real they are human and don't have a death wish so what is the real percentage of this happening and again if it does - STUPIDITY!!!

  • Legal American Citizen   America -- 2013-02-10

    Mexican Illegal aliens: run South. Thats where your country is. We invite you to naturalize legally.

  • USC   USA -- 2013-11-27

    To the Hispanic community that refer to us as “Gringos” and believe they’re not being racial. You’re right about taking this sign down, that way there are no warnings for drivers to watch out for. Maybe this will help bring down the population of illegal migrants. Maybe a few would be taken out while crossing to avoid inspection.
    Also to the site that posted this and states that “•Overtly malicious comments or slander will be removed, although criticism is permitted”, what, is it ok for the Hispanic community to slander white individuals by calling them “Gringos” I know if a white person said things like wetback,niggers ect. We would be racial and might be taken down. But seems to me it’s alright for all other race to speak of these words but if a person who is considered white…….OH GOD FOR BID! He’s raciest!
    None the less it’s a sign and can’t believe how many people have let a piece of metal with figuring’s on get you so upset or ruin your day. I for one don’t mind illegals coming here to make a better life just make a mess and live off welfare and make us so called “Rich Gringos” pay for it, because not all “Rich Gringos” are rich.

  • Common Sense   Texas -- 2014-02-13

    Why are people hating on the sign? You should be supporting the sign as the sign maker is trying to help you and your family cross the road without getting run over. This way you can continue to pursue the job and life you want. If the sign maker was anti-immigration, they would have not made the sign and let un-suspecting drivers just run you over, period.

  • cookie   san diego -- 2014-03-13

    When people say things like Mexicans "add nothing of real value to this country,... While this is true, the kicker is that we end up paying MORE in the end--because when it is time to pay taxes, American citizens end up paying for illegal Mexicans' use of our resources and public services (i.e. hospital care, schools, etc.). ..."
    This is just not true. There have been numerous studies by the prestigious Univ. of California, and other think tank organizations. The Mexicans rarely use hospitals as they fear being deported, they also end up paying more in taxes taken out by their employers and often don't receive the benefits of their tax dollars.
    Next time you go to the grocery store and you can afford fresh produce thank the illegal Mexican workers. If the farmer had to hire US citizens (which would not take the job in the first place) the cost would be prohibitive and all our produce would be imported from China.

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