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Marshall Fields (Formerly Daytons) (#47)

Marshall Fields (Formerly Daytons)
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You are inside the original Dayton's Department Store on Nicollet Mall. The name is now Marshall Fields, although it's the same company. This is the make-up and perfume area on the first floor. This building can be seen in historical photos of Nicollet Mall.



  • Sean Ryan   northeast minneapolis -- 2002-12-15

    This store has really lost its splendor. Since they changed it to Marshall Field's, it really lost its individuality. It is beautiful building on the outside, but thei inside is reather bland. In the old days, placs like the oval room were prestigious places to shop for all the latest fashion, now it is just another corner understaffed by incompetent workers.

  • Scott Jacobson   Minneapolis -- 2003-07-04

    I don't understand why people say this store has changed so much since it became Marshall Field's? The same company owns and operates the store, the only thing that changed was the name. It is exactly the same otherwise. Are people really that protective of a name? It really surprises me how goofy people are!

  • Marvin Clark   Boise, IDaho -- 2003-07-09

    Dayton's, Donaldson's, Powers, The Leader....all were right there on Nicollet. Does that date me..or what? Good memories.

  • Carole Large   Orlando, Fl -- 2003-07-09

    I worked for Dayton's in the 50's.
    When the employees left work in the evening there was always a member of the Dayton family there to say "Goodnight". They don't make companies like that anymore. It is sad that there is no more Dayton's, truly a Minneapolis landmark.

  • Karen Boyer   Las Vegas, Nevada -- 2003-09-18

    I grew up in the Twin Cities and the trips to "DOWNTOWN" Mpls.& St.Paul were a highlight. I loved the stores and Dayton's and Woolworths and a treat for lunch with my Mom at either Dayton's or The Leaves Tea Room.

  • Sherri   wi -- 2003-11-27

    when I was a child I remember going to Daytons in Mpls at Christmas time and riding a train around a Christmas wonderland floor. My memories are so sweet I thought I'd love to take my granddaughter there. Does anyone know if this is still done there? Thanks, Sherri

  • Sue Bicknese   Tucson, Arizona -- 2003-12-05

    I worked for Dayton's in high school and college (U of M) - I was in the Buyer Training Program. It was an honor to work among people who knew retailing and merchandising - my major. I will never forget Donald Dayton handing each employee a box of chocolates as we left the store (Main Store Downtwon) on Christmas Eve - 1960! I really miss the great shopping at Dayton's Minneapolis - if you could not find it anywhere - Dayton's would try to get it for you!

  • Ric spiess   Saint Peter, Mn -- 2003-12-21

    We have been making trips to the former Dayton's store for 38yrs. This year as always we went to the christmas display in the 8th floor auditorium. I was saddened to see how the appearance of the store has changed since Marshall Fields. I had hoped things would remain. The trim the tree shop was moved to the basement, which is OK, but the merchandise was terrible. We bought nothing. In years past we have always found the most beautiful and unusual trees and ornaments. Often times spending hundreds of dollars. The clerk in this department had multiple piercing on her face which discussted me. Formerly the clerks have always been well dressed and well groomed. Many of the clerks this year looked terrible. Dayton's has always maintained quality merchandise and atmosphere at Christmas time. There used to be a grand piano on the first floor with a person playing beautiful Christmas music. The store was always decorated impeccably. The Christmas display in the auditorium was done in great detail with much animation and wonderment. The past few years have been a major disappointment. Where has the class gone. I realize things must change, but someone needs to take a close look at what is being lost here. The specialness is slowly being taken away. The store is being let go. Things are not being taken care of. The charm and the beauty is being erased. If this store can't be brought back to it's pre Marshall Field's days it will become no more than any other chain store. Please take a look back and see the things that made shopping at Dayton's so special. A great thing is being lost here. Comments from other customers around me were much the same. I know I am not the only one who see's this. Is the store in financial trouble or is corporate greed to blame?

  • mark   new york city -- 2004-02-28

    I still remember Dayton's in the early 80's especially the Oval Room, where my mother used to buy her clothing without the tax. My fondest memories were the smell of the huge flower arrangements that perfumed the whole area. It is a shame to see the many designer brands that have left the Oval Room, Chanel you will be missed.

  • Daniel Hoffman   Taylor -- 2004-03-17

    As a former employee of Marshall Field's, I would like to say the company has done a good job of maintaining an upfront image. Beneath the surface is much different. Even big corporations reap what they sow in time.

  • Nancy Williams   Miami, Florida -- 2004-10-10

    I also have very fond memories of going downtown to Daytons with my mom and sister for shopping and lunch at the SkyRoom, shopping for school clothes at the Velvet Coach and my first job in 1971 as a wrapper at Christmas in the XX ladies department. Remember wrapping huge red velvet dresses.
    Haven't been back in over 15 years, but it was a very special time of my life...

  • Rick   Chicago -- 2004-11-29

    I find it funny that you people in Minneapolis are bemoaning the fact that Dayton's has lost its splendor since changing its name to Marshall Field's. Don't you realize that we were saying the same things in Chicago in the early 1990's when Marshall Fields was bought out by Dayton Hudson? No store in the country had the merchandise, class or specialness Marshall Field's did before it became a white-bread part of your Minnesota Corporation. Dayton's ruined Marshall Field's not the other way around!

  • Andrew   Minneapolis -- 2005-01-26

    I take great offense to Rick saying that no store had the specialness, class, etc that Marshall Field's had...Dayton's was hardly "white bread."
    Every department store from Dayton's and Bloomingdale's to the Bon Marche and Wanamaker's had its own personality and they were all as individual as you and I.
    Dayton's and Marshall Field's BOTH were excellent stores -- they still are. In my opinion, Dayton's did not bring down Marshall Field's in anyway. I think that reward rests with the consumers who are accustomed to the WalMart price tag. We've sacrified the finer things in life for readily accessible, run-of-the-mill merchandise and service.
    In my opinion, Dayton's allowed Marshall Field's the opportunity to retain its own individuality and "cult" following. Does anyone remember the debacle Dayton's created when the trademark green bags were removed from Marshall Field's in favor of Dayton's gray bags? That was quickly corrected, and the green bag soon became the trade mark of all three department stores. Had Marshall Field's been purchased by the May Company in 1990 (and not by the Dayton-Hudson Company) as was originally intended, I have a feeling the Marshall Field's name would have been dropped in favor of Lord & Taylor. (It's the kind of thing that happened to Wanamaker's Department Store.)
    The fact that Target Corp. rebranded the Department Store Division as Marshall Field's says many things to many people. Some people saw it as a slap in the face to Minnesotans, some people didn't care... To me, they strengthened the Field's name...63 stores (a nice mixture of Dayton's, Hudson's, and yes, Marshall Field's stores) is hardly something at which to shake a stick. Strength in numbers guaranteed us ONE of the names from the two most venerated midwest department stores. I'd rather have our Dayton's stores be Marshall Field's anyday instead of Lord & Taylor, or God forbid - a Macy's.

  • Iain   Ireland -- 2005-02-14

    How ironic, Marshall fields has just been bought by May's. Look here
    I worked in Dayton's On the Mall in the summer of 1996 and it helped to make it the best summer of my life.
    It saddens me to hear that it's going downhill but I guess people just want to buy the cheapest crap these days.

  • Justin   Bismarck -- 2005-08-11

    Here's the thing. Dayton's was such an awesome store. And you know what, I'm sure Marshall Fields was an awesome store too before Target took it over. However, it's useless to grieve over it. I was sad to see Dayton's change. Being from Los Angeles I was used to seeing everyday chain stores, and shopping at stores like Dayton's in downtown Minneapolis was a surprising change. However, when any store becomes part of a large corporation it is bound to happen. Now they're (Macy's) is closing some of the stores, including the store in Bismarck, which was a very nice, regularly busy store (Ironically being replaced by a Target Greatland) With news of all North Dakota Stores, the Brookdale Minneapolis store, the Downtown St Paul store, and the downtown Minneapolis store closing (to be replaced with a hotel the Star Tribune reports), it's just very sad to see. Target should have kept them number one and number two they should have stayed with their original names instead of a consolidation into a fancy Sears. Thats really when all three stores started their turn for the worse.

  • Patrice   Denton TX -- 2005-08-13

    I did not know that Dayton's had been consumed by MF until a recent trip back to Mpls. What a shock. I grew up on stories told by my clotheshorse aunt and mother about how Dayton's sent dresses to the house on approval--and paid the return postage on the dresses not chosen! The valet would load the car for you as you shopped. Perfume could be purchased by the dram. When I was a child, we went to the Auditorium at Christmas time and bought pounds of candy in quarter-pound increments with help from patient clerks. When I graduated from college and moved to Mpls, Dayton's felt like home--a little trip through cosmetics served as a balm for homesickness. I think I even bought my first monthly bus pass there. I know that I bought Nutcracker at the Northrup tickets there, without a "service charge." But it wasn't exactly the stuff that made Dayton's what it was; it was the conscientiousness that was behind the stuff that was confidence-inspiring. I'm glad I got to experience the Power's-Donaldson's-Dayton's years. I even remember the Young Quinlan/Schlampp's years as a time when quality, not quantity, prevailed. Thanks for the Dayton's reverie!

  • Beth   Iowa -- 2005-10-27

    I just spent the best shopping weekend of my life at Marshall Fields (formerly Daytons) in downtown Minneapolis. You guys are crazy if you think the experience has changed because the name has changed. My husband and I stayed at the Plaza, had a wonderful time at the fabulous pubs, shows, shops and resturants of downtown. Stop living in the past and embrace the present. You must be the same people who used to blame the mirror for your pimples. Great job Marshall Fields!

  • Ann   Rapid City -- 2005-11-24

    The comments reflect that corporate America has changed a number of businesses that were unique and special to us. Sometimes corporate America forgets that by becoming so large, the individuality of stores is lost. Therefore, the stores no longer provide products and services that are wanted/needed by the customers because the corporate office is not familiar with the people who are their customers in those different locations. Instead, they offer products and services they think are wanted/needed by customers in those areas. As a result, we have lost some wonderful stores that were started by caring, wonderful people who were trying to provide high-quality products and services. So, we can thank corporate America for loss of great stores such as Dayton's and Marshall Field's.

  • David   Long Island -- 2005-12-07

    I recently visited the State Street Flagship of Marshall Fields last month to do one big Christmas shopping. I am so saddened by the change to Macys and agree with everyone's comments about the homogenization of America. My Mom and i spent so much time when i was growing up at the Hartford Connecticut G. Fox and Co Flagship. It is sad these days are over.

  • Susan   Hollywood Florida -- 2006-01-11

    My first credit card came from Daytons. I remember as a child going to get fit for my ballet and tap shoes on the platform they made for kids. As a teen I remember the teen dances in the 8th floor auditorium and the 5th floor for teen shopping. As a bride, Daytons registry was IT. As a child the sky door scarad me and then I learned to love it. Daytons was way ahead of the game and the department store is a huge piece of Mpls history. I miss it. Thanks for listening.

  • Sonia Castleberry   South Dakota -- 2006-01-25

    Great trip down memory lane!
    Does anyone remember the name of the fantastic fabric store that used to be on Nicollet Mall, I think fairly close to Dayton's?

  • Mary Ann   Mpls -- 2006-02-24

    Ditto to much of the above. Daytons WAS a class act, until its later years when it adopted a "designer brand" system of organization, and lost confidence in its own brand of excellence. Sign of the times: glitzy-but-thin-veneer-of-quality-
    is-good-enough. Sad.
    Does anyone know where an elderly friend can market a modest collection of Daytons memorabilia covering about 30 years (bags, memos, office supplies, small promo items, etc).
    Any collectors buying?



  • n. lindell   phoenix az -- 2006-04-23

    Please tell me Marshall Fields is still in existance in Chicago!!!!

  • Ann Burke   California -- 2006-08-27

    In response to question from Sonia about the fabric store in Nicolete near DAYTON'S - it was Amluxson's. Two floors of beautiful fabrics, staffed by gracious, knowledgeable women and sometimes Mr. A himself.

  • Jim Dovalis   Minnesota -- 2007-12-24

    Daytons was a magical retailer with a loyal following. Daytons will always hold memories for so many of us and nothing short of erasing Minnesota off the map will ever change that.

  • Betty Jordahl   La Mirada Ca. -- 2008-01-29

    I lived in St.Paul,mn. in the 80's I used to shop at Daytons. I bought Cherokee jeans there that I loved! havn't been able to find them since!

  • Carol   Chanhassen, MN -- 2008-08-05

    I began my affair with Dayton's in the fifties. Everyone would go downtown on Thanksgiving evening to look at the Christmas windows unveiled. They went to the eighth floor when the traffic became to snarled. When we went shopping downtown, we had to wear dresses and gloves. It was definitely a different time. To those who did not experience Dayton's, you cannot understand the hurt caused by selling to Marshall Fields. But remember, the plaque cemented into the sidewalk still says "Dayton's"!

  • Carol (fabric store)   Chanhassen, MN -- 2008-08-05

    The fabric store you asked about was Amluxen's.

  • terri spencer   -- 2008-11-21

    My correct email.

  • Terri Spencer   minnesota -- 2008-11-21

    Does anyone know the name of the local artist who does the oil painting of "Daytons" at Christmas?It reminds me of the 50-60's when we go downtown and look at all the christmas windows.

  • Wayne Boline   Crystal, MN -- 2008-12-26

    Terri, you may be thinking of the painting "City Sidwalks" by Leo Stans. It shows the Nicollet Avenue side of Daytons's in 1935. Check out on the web.

  • Oscar Christopherson   North Carlolina -- 2009-06-09

    Daytons was a big part of my life in Mpls. My family used to go down around Christmas to look at the specially decorated windows Daytons used to have every year. They were automated & very intricate. The store was also smack dab in the middle of a bunch of stores where a kid could go to Christmas shop for his famiy without spending a bunch of money. When I was alittle older, the "guys" used to take the bus to downtown & ride the escalators & elevators. The store seemed huge. Later, while at the U of Minn, I used to work perpetual inventory. The store was so expansive that they took year-round inventory & hired local college students to do the work. It was the perfect job with flexable hours & decent pay. One summer, I even volunteered to dress up in a Yogi Bear suit for a kids special week in the kids shoe department. It was a week off from taking inventory. Quick-draw McDraw & some other cartoon character were also represented at this promotional sale. Daytons was the CENTER of downtown Mpls... it is a shame to see it called something else besides "Daytons".

  • Allison   Salem, MA -- 2009-06-11

    Is there anyone in Minnesota who is interested in writing a brief history of Dayton's Department Store? The History Press is a traditional publisher that is looking for people passionate about Dayton's and want to preserve its memory in an accessible history book. Ideally, the author would also have some connection to the store (possess photos, past employee, know the family, avid shopper, etc.) Check out The History Press website, to view the published books and access the author proposal form. You can also inquire to this e-mail as well. I look forward to hearing from Dayton's Enthusiasts!

  • Andrew   -- 2009-07-06

    Allison, a book has already been published about Dayton's Department Store. It has several photos that the author was given permission by Target Corporation to use in the book. It's fascinating.

  • Suzy   Iowa -- 2009-11-12

    Hi, does anyone know if old Dayton's department store gift boxes are collectible? I have one from Christmastime - I don't know how old it is.

  • Joy   Scottsdale -- 2010-01-14

    Does anyone remember that cute traffic cop dressed in black that always manned the spot between Dayton's and Donaldson's in the 1960's?

  • guin   -- 2010-01-30

    I remember the fabric store...are you thinking of Amlicksons? (not sure of spelling)

  • frank m.   los angeles -- 2010-02-13

    tough, you're brave! morgan & boris are assailants, got be punished. bless you. i'm wondering why the statutory damage (willful) was so little that not even enough to recover your costs? frank

  • Jean-P.   Québec -- 2010-03-22

    Does anybody know if Dayton had a sport department at any point in time and used as a trade mark: D S Co in a circle?
    I have a very old and nice longbow that is so marked and I suspect that it was bought at Dayton's.The tips (nocks) are made of horn and the bow could be from the twenties to the fifties.

  • Kelly   Amboy, Minnesota -- 2010-10-15

    It's great to hear everyone's nostalgic memories of downtown Daytons on Nicollet Ave. My family went to the first 8th floor Christmas display and it became a beloved tradition, along with eating in the Sky Room afterward. Does anyone else remember the Kid's meals - "Little Miss Muffet" (creamed chicken on a biscuit) and "Little Boy Blue" (hamburger and fries). That family tradition has continued through our children and grandchildren. They all love the 8th floor display, eating in the Skyroom (although modernized), shopping Trim-a-Tree dept. for a special ornament, taking a family photo on the first floor with those giant pillars as a background, and especially riding the escalators! It would be wonderful if someone would do a Christmas book featuring the history of the 8th floor displays, with lots of photos and stories about each year. Everyone has their favorite theme and it would be exciting to have them all in one book. Now would certainly be a good time to do it, since Macy's doesn't seem to understand the tradition of the theme changing each year. The anticipation of what it's going to be is part of the charm!...and it will always be DAYTONS to us!

  • Kelly   Amboy, MN -- 2010-10-15

    It's great to hear everyone's nostalgic memories of downtown Daytons on Nicollet Ave. My family went to the first 8th floor Christmas display and it became a beloved tradition, along with eating in the Sky Room afterward. Does anyone else remember the Kid's meals - "Little Miss Muffet" (creamed chicken on a biscuit) and "Little Boy Blue" (hamburger and fries). That family tradition has continued through our children and grandchildren. They all love the 8th floor display, eating in the Skyroom (although modernized), shopping Trim-a-Tree dept. for a special ornament, taking a family photo on the first floor with those giant pillars as a background, and especially riding the escalators! It would be wonderful if someone would do a Christmas book featuring the history of the 8th floor displays, with lots of photos and stories about each year. Everyone has their favorite theme and it would be exciting to have them all in one book. Now would certainly be a good time to do it, since Macy's doesn't seem to understand the tradition of the theme changing each year. The anticipation of what it's going to be is part of the charm!...and it will always be DAYTONS to us!

  • Kevin   Minneapolis -- 2010-10-26

    These comments brought tears to my eyes. Oh I miss the glamour of the old department stores, and I'm only 29.

  • john hitchens   dalton georgia -- 2010-12-03

    There was an Irish pub across the street from Dayton's called Duff's. It looked small from the storefront entrance but was spacious inside including a band room and a piano lounge, They used to advertise themselves as across the street from Dayton's since everyone knew where that was. On St Patrick's day one year Dayton's ran a store ad that read, "Come to Dayton's. located across the street from Duff's" It showed class and a recognition that Dayton's itself was part of a downtown community.

  • Patty M   Brooklyn NY -- 2011-01-25

    I do remember the Little Miss Muffet plate at the Sky Room. Before Brookdale opened in the mid-60s, my mother and I would go downtown on Saturdays, driving from Brooklyn Center through North Minneapolis along Fremont and Emerson, to shop at Dayton's, Donaldson's or Powers. And we would always have lunch in the Sky Room. I have long and fondly remembered those trips downtown with my mom, and 'remembered' the Little Miss Muffet plate, creamed chicken on a biscuit. I was 5-8 years old at the time, and have wondered if I made up the name. Great to hear Kelly from Amboy mention it!

  • MAry   New Hope -- 2011-02-21

    I would love to see a history of food in downtown Minneapolis. Creamed chicken--Dayton's Little Miss MUffet, Radisson Coocoo pie, Young Quinlan Fountain Room chicken ala king.
    "ethnic restaurants" John's. The brothers. the Nankin."
    The steak houses. Murray's, Charlie's, Harry's.
    The budget eateries. Power's basement. Woolworth's. The Forum.
    The specialty shops: Mayflower doughnuts.

  • MAry   New Hope -- 2011-04-15

    Somebody please bring back the coocoo pie.

  • Mary   Fetridge -- 2011-05-27

    Yes! I loved coocoo pie!

  • Elissa Ray   -- 2011-06-30

    WOW-I had this epiphane this AM about where I had the most joy and comfort around certain foods and I recalled immediately the Sky Room, my mom, siter, grandma and great grandma visiting Dayton's and having lunch together. We spent every X-Mas there and I remembered The Miss Muffet lunch by name to this day. My sister always ordered the Little Boy Blue and we would laugh about it being the "boy" lunch. My grandma would eat the chicken salad out of the pineapple with the fruit...joyous memories of things that no longer exist. Pity and yet it can't be recaptured again in my opinion the way it was so glamourous then. Thank you Dayton's for the memories. I do love the Holidazzle parade though at holidays. I live in San francisco now.

  • Rob   Shoreview, MN -- 2012-09-19

    I believe the “Little Boy Blue” was a Hamburger with mashed potatoes with gravy and green peas.

  • Trilby SHR Idzerda   Paris -- 2012-10-27

    Dayton's was still Dayton's even in the eighties when I worked there. I joined right after Dayton's and Hudson's merged into DHDSC. (What a nightmare changing over all the merch tickets.) It took five interviews for me to get a job in the Human Resources department just for a secretarial job!!! I loved it. What an understatement. I jumped up and down for twenty minutes after I got the job offer on the phone. It was head cheerleader homecoming queen miss america all honors at once for me. The metier at Dayton's, the Oval Room, the Sky Room, all whispered refinement and luxe. I miss it terribly.

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