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Female Dog on Streets of Manila, the Philippines (#4586)

Female Dog on Streets of Manila, the Philippines
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picture date: 2005-01-13


I saw many stray dogs in the Philippines. They seem to be accepted. Having a dog or cat as a pet is unusual, as people need food for themselves, and won't buy dog or cat food. To spay or neuter a dog is unusual, and there is no animal humane society.



  • jopay   philippines -- 2005-08-30

    eversince i had a dog, which is just a year and a month ago, i began to have a heart on this lovely creatures. the picture in this site, sad to admit, is only one of the hundreds of dogs in the philippines in this situation. i dont know if its wrong, but i dont want my female dog to have pups because i dont want her to look that way.. i love her so much that i dont want her to look ugly. i really feel bad and angry to dog owners who doesnt treat their dogs well. i hope they would experience karma

  • acolyte_unuscione   manila -- 2005-11-04

    With all the problems going on in the Philippines, a stray or scavenging dog in the street will not call the attention of the government. But, there are non-government organizations that promote care for dogs and cats here in the Philippines too. They are trying to educate pet owners to understand the needs of their pets and some have programs like adopting stray pets. However, crusade against animal cruelty is not that famous here in the Philippines as compared to the U.S.
    The irony of having a pet to feed when the owner can barely tend to himself is famous herebut what can I say, dog is mans best friend. And I guess, this is true when the dog and the master share the same food on their plate.

  • Gabriela   -- 2005-11-07

    Responsible pet ownership has yet a long way to go in the Philippines. Caring for pets and training them should not be limited to the physical appearance or breed of the animal. Pet owners and prospective owners should be aware of this. It would greatly help if veterinarians and leading organizations for animal care (Yes, including PCCI!) campaign for this, lead by example, and educate the general public.
    Then there is much to be done about the enforcement of the Philippine Law, RA8485 (Animal Welfare Act of 1998), specifically, section 6. Animal Welfare organizations are defined in RA8485.
    There is a non-profit NGO, CARA, campaigning to spay/neuter animals to control the number of unwanted or homeless animals in the Philippines. It is a humane alternative to dumping/abandoning, neglecting/abusing, or euthanising unwanted animals.
    Start in your own homes and inform those around you.

  • sid cardenas   caloocan city -- 2005-12-13

    i wasn't supposed to do some comments though i have to admit im very impressed with the photos, truly captivating!
    however,when i saw this picture, my heart (as always)instantly melt for this dog. true, a lot of poor folks here wouldn't mind keeping pets even if they are not being much taken care of.
    there are animal humane societies here like PAWS but these non-profit organizations have no enough fund to support their projects. sad to say also that since majority here are poor folks, they wouldn't care to spend money for a pet as long as their pets can manage to survive with them.
    i love these animals, i really do. there's so much we can do but if they wouldn't here us, then there's nothing we can do.

  • mohamed   -- 2006-05-07

    can't you see the cutnes in this dogs eyes i meen you have to help in any way if i was in your place i would sacrufaice my life for this poor dog:-(

  • puppy dog   u.s -- 2006-12-01

    I agree that this type of animal cruelty and lack of responsibility toward dog ownership is rampant but not only in the Philippines, but other countries too, even in the U.S.! I once work for an Oceanographer in Cebu, he's an American and he never feeds his dog. Its like a plastic toy that he loves so much but never bother feeding or giving it a bath. I end up buying, cooking food and taking of the poor dog! I think we definitely need to solve the problem of ignorance and love of dog meat in the Philippines and other countries.

  • emily   -- 2007-05-11

    i would do anything to have that dog , because i know she will just die being on the street like that , and i hope whoever did this to her goes to jail and stays there forever.

  • Talaisha   utah -- 2008-03-31

    I have lived in the philippines. This is honestly one of the better looking dogs that I saw living there. I understand why people have soft hearts towards animals, but these people have no idea what they are talking about when they say things on this. The way these people live is harsher than anything you could imagine. The dogs live alongside them and suffer as much as they do physically. These people still are so happy although they dream of not having to struggle so hard. They don't have the money to take them to the vet, and come to think of it I never saw a vets office there although I am sure there might be a few there they would probably only accomodate the incredibly rich there. Bring the people up and the dogs and cats will be treated better there too.

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