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US Bank Place (#2706)

US Bank Place
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picture date: 2003-02-11


This is the top of the US Bank Place building, or US Bank Tower. It's on the corner of 6th Street and 3rd Avenue South. The Wells Fargo building is on the far right.



  • b. wood   madison, wi -- 2003-06-06

    I am obsessed with this building. I used to come up to the U of M to visit my girlfriend and this was the first building I noticed when the skyline came into view.

  • Sean Desiderio   New Mexico -- 2003-07-02

    I'm from New Mexico, and when I arrived in Minneapolis this was the first building I noticed, the most distinctive feature was the bright crown at the top of the building. I love the Minneapolis skyline!

  • John   Houston -- 2003-12-26

    This building standing over 900ft tall is magnificent. The entire minneapolis skyline is massive, alot bigger than Houston I'll tell you that!!!!!!!

  • Brad   Milwaukee -- 2004-05-04

    I think this building exemplifies excellent high rise design. I can't believe it does not have more national notority.

  • Ben   Mpls -- 2005-06-05

    This gorgeous photograph makes me want to bike downtown this moment and admire the former US Bank Place, now known by its address, 225 South Sixth Street. What the Mpls skyline lacks in originality it makes up for in high-rise eye candy.

  • D.J.   Fairfield,California -- 2005-06-14

    I think the minneapolis skyline is the most beatiful in the midwest. more beatiful thenthe chicago skyline.

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