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Milwaukee Avenue South by Franklin Avenue (#254)

Milwaukee Avenue South by Franklin Avenue
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You are on Milwaukee Avenue just south of East Franklin Avenue. There isn't a street here, it's pedestrian traffic only.

These homes are not replicas, but restored originals. Growing up, I was told that the railroad ('Milwaukee Road') built these homes for it's workers around the turn of the century, which is why there is a long stretch of them in all the same style.


  • Milwaukee Ave Resident   Minneapolis -- 2000-07-10

    Actually, some of these houses are replicas that were built to blend in with the existing homes. Some homes where even moved in to replace ones that had been lost to fire or neglect. Milwaukee Avenue has a interesting political history. To find out more about it contact the Minnesota Historical Society.

  • ALS   Seattle -- 2003-01-27

    I grew up in Minneapolis - lived there for 18 years and I have never seen these great homes! I will make a point to visit this street next time I'm visiting.

  • Jeannine Chan   2212 Milwaukee Avenue -- 2003-10-02

    I lived on Milwaukee Avenue from 1951-1958. I love the memories. The houses seemed so large when I was young.

  • keri baldwin   milwaukee avenue -- 2005-03-22

    I grew up on 25th avenue and this was my favourite street!! We had to pass it on our way to the co-op market on Franklin (for coffee Hagen Daaz) and it was magical with all the beautiful homes. The best part was that there were no cars. What wonderful memories of the neighbourhood I haven't seen since the 80's when my family moved away.

  • scott   minneapolis -- 2005-09-13

    My girlfriend and I were just introduced to this neighborhood last weekend. We fell in love instantly. Can anyone tell me if these homes, being part of the Historical Society, ever go up for sale? If so what would the value of one of these homes run?

  • clinton lloyd vasquez   grew up @ 2121 milwaukee av. -- 2005-11-02

    As a child I felt as we lived somewhere "different" from others.I was not aware of how special it was untill I was older. my grandfather was original owner @ 2121 milwaukee ave. since then I return to the area now and then. how beautiful.I have seen homes for sale,aithough few & in between. good luck in your search.

  • Suzanne Borg   2212 Milwaukee Avenue -- 2007-09-19

    My great grandparents, Edward and Matilda Swanson, were the original owners of this house. I was only 10 or 11 when my great aunts sold the house, but I remember it very well. It was set up like a duplex and my grandfather raised his family upstairs, after he married. My mom and dad also lived there several years, after Dad came home from WWII. I loved that place!

  • David Fey   2125 Milwaukee Avenue -- 2010-01-11

    Our beautiful Milwaukee Avenue home is for sale right now! See listing at:

  • Jeanne Traynor   Arizona -- 2013-03-28

    My grandfather and his siblings imigrated fom Denmark. He settled at 2216 - 22nd avenue South and my great aunt lived on Milwaukie Avenue. Jacobson's store was on the corner of 22nd and Franklin and the Fireside Inn was also on 22nd and Franklin.

  • Jennifer Carter   2304 Milwaukee Ave -- 2015-02-26

    My dad lived at 2304 Milwaukee Ave around 1955-1957. His name is Richard "Dicky" Johnson. He had many good memories of living in the neighborhood. He lived there with his mom Elvina and step father Roy Spichall and sister Carolee.

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