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Residence on East 22nd Street (#252)

Residence on East 22nd Street
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picture date: 2000-04-04


26th Street runs into the distance on the right. The cross-street is East 22nd Street. Franklin Avenue is two blocks up and Matthews Park is behind you two blocks.


  • seward resident   27th avenue -- 2000-07-25

    Actually, the street running into the distance on the right is 27th Avenue. This is a great house with beautiful flower plants and shrubs - a photo taken in summer would show its full glory.

  • Anonymous   -- 2004-03-01

    This hopuse is beautiful. As a current resident I can say that view is gourgous. There's no better way to spend a sunny morning than sitting in the front corner window,

  • Bente   -- 2006-03-30

    I'm fairly certain I used to babysit for a family that lived in the upper level of this well as the two families that lived next door.

  • Angel   Mpls, MN (Seward Neighborhood to be exzact) -- 2007-12-04

    I love this Picture (all your pictures of seward actually) I grew up just blocks from where this pic was taken and looking at it I feel like I'm standing in the same spot you were when you took it but yet 15 years ago when i crosses that spot so often and it's still the same. I remember wishing I lived there instead of the high rise on franklin.

  • Mai   -- 2009-11-06

    I've been inside of this house before and it is a beautiful, beautiful place.

  • Dona Buchanan   Remer MN -- 2010-03-11

    I purchased this home in 1980 from the original owners (The Nordberg family) My passion was renovating historic homes. The first one I completed in the Seward nieghborhood was across the street.
    2700 E. 22nd St. It brings me joy to have the knowledge that people appreciate the beauty of this truely remarkable piece of history.

  • R. Borir   Pennsylvania -- 2010-05-24

    My wife, Dona (Buchanan) Boris loves "her" house. My professional life was commercial photngraphy. Your house and photo are beautiful.

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