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Hard Rock Cafe Sign (#2446)

Hard Rock Cafe Sign
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copyright © 2002 Chris Gregerson. Available format: 4 megapixel (2272 x 1704 total resolution)
picture date: 2002-10-18


You are on 1st Avenue North by 7th Street facing southwest. The Target Center is behind you. This is the sign for the Hard Rock Cafe that's across the street on Block E. In the lower-right background is the 7th Street side of the First Avenue nightclub.



  • Howard L. Mitchell   Boulder,Colorado -- 2005-01-05

    You see what I mean? Minneapolis
    is full of things that people
    don't even realize they are full of!....This is a city that is full of bliss,...(Quiet bliss),and it
    takes a native of this city to know it...(or does it?)
    I Love Minneapolis,but I am not from there,but this is where I plan
    on spending the rest of my life!
    I want to walk across the Cherry
    I want to go to The Mall of
    America....I want to see Bloomington,and kick it in Falcon
    Heights! I want to go to St. Paul
    and see what they've got!
    What is it like in Minnetonka?,
    or is St.Louis Park too busy for us?
    What are they doing in Richfield?
    Is St.Anthony Out of the question?
    How About Shoreview?????? Where
    have they been?
    Is Edina neglecting us? It's
    been a while since we heard from
    Crystal,right? How about The
    Great "OAKDALE" ?
    Hopkins is asking that same question! I guess we will all have
    a "NEW HOPE" when we decide to
    reach our cities,huh?......Well, I
    love you too!
    Anyway,nevermind what is in my mind,....I've just decided to love
    you anyway!
    Oh,Yea...By the way...I'm Black!
    But I have found that in The City
    of Minneapolis,being black (or any
    other race at all) is not as big as
    a joke as you think it is)
    "SO ,THERE" !!!

  • Rochelle   California -- 2005-02-16

    I lived in Minneapolis many years ago.The skyline and every picture I see looks so unfamiliar.I used to eat at a wonderful restaurant downtown called The Nankin the Egg Foo Wong was to die for.I have never had that dish anywhere else.I would love to retire in Mpls.,but the winters are too brutal.My heart will always be in Minneapolis and I am A Black American

  • Chris   -- 2005-08-22

    I've lived in Minnesota my whole life, and there have been a lot of places in Minneapolis over the course of my 34 year old life that have disappeared, never to return.
    The Nankin, as mentioned in the previous post, was and still is the most missed facet of downtown. That was my whole reason for going there. My mom and I made so many trips down there as I was growing up, a tradition that continued on with my wife and I until they closed in 1999. Also missed is the Woolworths downtown, and a few other stores that have either closed or changed names.
    The Hard Rock Cafe sign to me, represents pretty much what all towns and businesses are going towards now: revitalization. Hennepin Avenue wasn't the most pleasant stretch of road about 20 years ago, with all the seedy bars and clubs, drunks and troublemakers around. Minneapolis wants people to come back downtown, and spend money. If Nankin were back, I sure would!

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