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First Avenue Nightclub (#2445)

First Avenue Nightclub
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picture date: 2002-10-18


This view is looking south from 1st Avenue and 7th Street North. The traffic officer is helping with afternoon rush hour traffic. The Target Center would be directly behind you. Block E is out of frame to the left.



  • Suzanne   Portland, OR -- 2005-02-08

    I really want to go to a good concert. The last concert I saw here was The Black Eyed Peas, with my friend Naomi, and the tickets were like $12. This was right before their album got big, when they were still just semi-popular. When "Where is the Love" had just, just came out on the radio. First Avenue rocks!

  • Doug   St Paul, MN -- 2005-04-26

    First Avenue (and the 7th Street Entry) is one of the great, historic music venues in this country. So much music history has been made here.
    I remember back in the 80's seeing great shows: Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Husker Du, The Cramps, The Church, Circle Jerks, The Replacements, Minutemen, etc. For these and many other great underground bands, First Ave was perhaps the most important venue of the time.
    Oh...and Prince also made that movie. "Purple Rain", here.

  • Darrell Reich   Las Vegas, Nv. -- 2010-02-24

    As a teenager growing up in the 60's in Minneapolis i can remember this building when it was the Greyhound bus depot. Looking at all these pictures of downtown Minneapolis now is so much different then what downtown looked like back in the 60's

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