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Block E and City Center (#2443)

Block E and City Center
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Block E
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copyright © 2002 Chris Gregerson. Available format: 4 megapixel (2272 x 1704 total resolution)
picture date: 2002-10-18


You are at Hennepin Avenue and 7th Street South, looking east along Hennepin. City Center is on the right (the lighted sign is for Copeland's restaurant). On the left is Block E; the marquee for the Crown Block E 15 Theater is visible.



  • Frederic   Atlanta USA -- 2004-09-29

    wow this is really cool it reminds me of my home town ATL a little Minneapolis is great man

  • Randy Lyken   Minneapolis -- 2005-03-01

    I like the new Block E much better than the old one.

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