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East Franklin and 29th Avenue South (#244)

East Franklin and 29th Avenue South
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picture date: 2000-04-04


You are standing on the south side of Franklin Avenue and looking east towards the Mississippi River. The Franklin Avenue bridge is about a half-mile up ahead.



  • Anonymous   -- 2002-01-31

    I remember this being a brake repair shop in '62

  • Angel   Mpls, MN (Seward Neighborhood to be exzact) -- 2007-12-04

    That's it! The Highrise I grew up in. I used to pick the lock and get up on the roof of the 21 story building by myself and with friends for years (actually ran away and camped out on the roof with a friend for 2 days, p.s. if anyone got hit with a pillow, so sorry the wind blew our stuff all over and one was lost) I can't tell you what beautiful pictures you could have taken up there, you could see the parkning lots of the mall of america at night. To bad they put in better security and cameras when I was 15 and I haven't been able to go back seince.
    But I really have to wonder why you didn't turn around and take a picture of the beautiful mural behind you on the wall of the former RiverSide Market, painted by myself *clears throat* and a group of about 20 other seward youths back in around 1993 or 94.

  • Patrick Schneider   10531 Utah Rd, Bloomington, MN -- 2012-03-23

    I grew up at 2900 East Franklin Ave. in the 50's and 60's before the high rises were built. The car dealership used to be Lindahl Oldsmobile and I believe that the supermarket was named Market Fair. Eminent domain forced my parents to sell our home on the corner opposite the car dealership in 1965.

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