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Franklin Avenue at Riverside Avenue (#242)

Franklin Avenue at Riverside Avenue
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picture date: 2000-04-04


You are standing on the north side of East Franklin Avenue, looking east at the intersection with Riverside Avenue. Across the street is the medium-sized grocery store, "Riverside Market". I can attest they've been there at least 22 years, because my Mom took me there when I was 8.


  • Chris Gregerson   Linden Hills, Minneapolis -- 2000-04-22

    Yes, I remember the mural. That was when I went there as a kid. It had bright, colorful oversided produce and dairy products. It was very recognizable.

  • Andy Harcus   Minneapols -- 2000-04-22

    Does anyone else remember the fabulous mural that was on this grocery? Very sad when it was painted over. Ordinarily I agree with a cop friend, "the number of murals in a neighborhood are a very predictable ratio to how much drug use, poverty, and dispair there is." But the Mural on this grocery was an exception.

  • Anonymous   -- 2002-01-31

    Does anyone remember Franklin Fruit originally on 15th and Franklin I beleive one of the sons opened at this location in the early '60's

  • Bob Solberg   Seward Square - 2121 So. 9th Street -- 2006-01-23

    I'm a semi-long time resident of
    Seward [all my life - south Mpls.]
    and yes, I think I remember Franklin Fruit - they had they
    had the warehouse that had the
    salvaged, bent, damaged cans, etc.
    I didn't personally shop there,
    so I'm just going by memory.
    I do miss Kaplan's though.......

  • Dylan   fla -- 2006-10-20

    I used to live in the building 6 o clock from the camera.
    the skarnes bilboard has been there for as long as I can remember

  • Jeremy   Seward -- 2006-11-13

    The new murals on the building are AMAZING!

  • Angel   Mpls, MN (Seward Neighborhood to be exzact) -- 2007-12-04

    I just left a comment about the mural talked about in the first two comments up there on a differnt pic (same corner different place and angle) This was the First mural painted on the bulding (the one side not visable from theis pic) by kids back in 93 or 94 (I was one of those kids) and the second person that mentiones it said it was painted over, I am positive that it was not at the date of his post and I bleive it is still there to this day along with the other new murals on the bulding.

  • Angel   Mpls, MN (Seward Neighborhood to be exzact) -- 2007-12-06

    Yep! the mural is still there (I checked) along with tons of new murals on the other sides

  • max   seward -- 2008-02-27

    the mural wont be there for much longer now that the building is becoming the new co-op so enjoy it now while you can

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