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West Franklin Avenue and Hennepin Avenue South (#240)

West Franklin Avenue and Hennepin Avenue South
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picture date: 2000-04-04


You are standing on West Franklin Avenue looking west at the intersection with Hennepin Avenue South. The Burch Pharmacy is on the right, Nokomis Cleaners is on the left. The number 2 bus goes down Franklin from here to 24th street. Buses on Hennepin go downtown(north, to the right) and to Uptown, Southdale, and St.Louis Park(south, to the left).



  • c. m. ostlund   arlington, va -- 2000-11-24

    From 1977 to 1979, I lived in the building that the photographer had to have been standing in front of in order to take this photograph. Even during that time, Burch Pharmacy was on the corner (it still had counter service, then). The site of Nokomis Cleaners was then a branch of the U.S. Post Office; Nokomis Cleaners was next door.
    Needless to say, this photo brought back many memories!

  • Eric James   909 West Franklin Ave - left of photographer -- 2004-05-18

    The year is 2004... First of all the purple car is parked illegally, he would be towed right away. Secondly, this area is extremely dangerous with the amount of traffic that funnels through everyday and sports cars which seem to think the turn from Hennepin onto Franklin is like their own speedway. The sidewalk is appallingly small and in winter there is almost no room to walk or stand to wait for the bus. The condition of the curb is also appaling and is in serious need of resurfacing as well as the road itself which is designed poorly. I would recommend to the city to simply take out parking in front of this building, extend the sidewalk by a foot, and simply accomodate 15-minute waiting deliveries or moving, etc. We don't live in 1970 or 1900, this area is in serious need of redeveloping to accomodate the influx which is tearing Uptown slowly apart not to mention SUVs which are increasing the destruction of these simple roads and endangering lives of this area.

  • Ken   Red Wing -- 2006-02-06

    Appalling? C'mon.

  • Dinzee   Lexington, KY -- 2006-08-22

    Just left of Burch, on 3rd floor (front) of building, occurred the most bizarre moments of my brief (2.3 yrs.) stay at Kenwood.
    Gross, non-idiomatic nuances of plagiaristic styles were exhibited after 10 pm, in flagrant delight of the evening's rapture. Even those present and assembled would not condone the outings, which oft lasted 'til dawn.
    "Superbo" was shouted with gusto!
    "Again! Again!"

  • Gary   Kenwood -- 2011-04-13

    Tucked behind the awning on the south-facing wall of the Burch Pharmacy building is a billboard that bears the face of local realtor Cotty Lowry. The billboard goes up clean and new every so often, only to be mauled by graffiti artists. You may think it's vandalism, but the locals like watching the billboard evolve as additional graffiti is added, and Cotty likes the attention it draws to his advertisement.

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