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Stargazer Lily or Tiger Lily (#2178)

Stargazer Lily or Tiger Lily
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copyright © 2002 Chris Gregerson. Available format: 4 megapixel (2272 x 1704 total resolution)
picture date: 2002-07-20


These lilies are in the annual-perennial section of the Lyndale Park gardens. I am guessing the flower species is a Stargazer Lily or Tiger Lily. It resembles an Alstroemeria also.



  • Mari Driscoll   New RIchmond WI -- 2003-04-02

    This is a tiger lily - stargazers are white/deep pink; this is not even close to Astralmeria; your photos are gorgeous - I am ordering some today!

  • LEODA STUESSE   BLAND, MO -- 2003-07-22

    THIS IS very beautiful plant, I have one in my yard. I think flowers are one of many of GODS beautiful creations

  • myriam solomon   columbus, ohio -- 2004-02-09

    Indeed , this is NOT a stargazer lily. Stargazers are speckled, raspberry-pink and white. There is also a white stargazer , which is totally white. The lily you have photographed is most likely a tiger lily.However the photograph is fantastic ! Thank you !

  • Anonymous   -- 2005-02-14

    its a tiger lily

  • Sherri Sparks   Grande Prairie -- 2005-03-03

    I thought tiger lilies are more orange than pink, at least wild ones are, they grow all over along the roads by my home. This doesn't look like a tiger lily to me.

  • Master Gardener   Florida -- 2005-06-03

    This is NOT a Tiger Lily....It is an orange variety of Turk's Cap Lily, and will reseed very, VERY prolifically! Though, exotic in form (facing down with upward curved petals) the color is not as intense as a true Tiger Lily (which faces up towards the sun). Having both, I prefer the Tiger Lily, though it does not spread in my garden, but rather faithfully enlarges and blooms each year. Happy gardening!

  • Ritchie Quick   Georgia -- 2006-02-26

    To me that looks like a hybrid lily of mixed asiatic and tiger lily heritage. Or perhpas Lilium Henryi filmed in a light that makes it look more pinkish.

  • K.T.   Florida -- 2006-04-24

    I just received a plant from Lowe's Home Store. The lable says it's a Tiger Lily.
    However, it is WHITE.
    But my question is:
    Since I live in Florida, will this plant bloom year after year??
    It is in bloom now....will more blooms come after these fall off?
    Kathy please reply to:

  • Stacy   Florida -- 2007-03-15

    I also just bought a plant from Lowe's that says Tiger Lilly on it and is white. I'm new to gardening and flowers, etc.. I've onmly had the plant for a week and all the flowers have fallen off but the pollen? - long skinny things are still there. Will there be more flowers? Or, did I kill my plant? Could you give me some advise? Please reply to

  • Mike the Gardener   Canada -- 2009-08-08

    Wonderful picture! I have a garden full of these only much more orange and vibrant! The polin that comes off of it stains quite dark on your skin.
    The ones I have are over 7 feet tall and produce about 100-200 seeds each.......I am looking for anyone interested in purchasing, or anyone who knows where I can seel them. They are over 25 generations old from their origine and come from the deep north reaches of Ontario Canada.
    If anyone knows please email Mike at
    Thank you

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