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Temple Israel Synagogue, Emerson and 24th Street (#1013)

Temple Israel Synagogue, Emerson and 24th Street
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You are looking west at the entrance to a Synagogue located here. I believe it's Temple Israel (Reform), at 2324 Emerson Avenue South. The intersection of Hennepin Avenue and 24th Street is behind you.


  • C. Phillips   -- 2004-05-21

    Temple Israel's past is connected with some of Uptown's other landmarks. Jack Liebenberg, of Liebenberg and Kaplan Architects, also designed or renovated many other local buildings, including both Suburban World (earlier known as the Granada), the Uptown Theater, and the former Adath Jeshurun building at 34th and Dupont. He was known for his skill with acoustics, and went on to design or renovate hundreds of movie theaters across the Midwest. More information on Liebenberg, Temple Israel, and Uptown topics in general will be included in an upcoming book about the area. We are currently putting together a book of historic photographs featuring the people, places, and events in the area today known as Uptown. While we are using photographs from local public collections, we would like to use photographs from private collections as well. We are looking for pictures from a wide variety of time periods. Please contact us at if you have a historic photograph that you would be willing to let use in our book. We are unable to pay for use of photos, but will credit you in acknowledgements and by the photo itself. We're looking forward to sharing Uptown's history with others who share our interest. Please contact us by June 15, 2004 if you would like your photo to be considered for the book.

  • E Vandam   Eagan -- 2006-03-08

    Jack Liebenberg was one of Harry Wild Jones most successful draftsman as he went on to found a thriving private practice. I am trying to locate early photographs of Liebenberg and any surviving family members.

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